Poor Scheana

This was a tough season of Vanderpump Rules for Scheana Marie . She returned to her original role as an outsider in the clique and she filed for divorce from Mike Shay. And now she has to relive it all in a three part reunion special.

Not only that, but Scheana is also discussing her new relationship with Robert Valletta and two times when Stassi Schroeder majorly offended her. And of course, she plugged her own solo project: an internet talk show.


Scheana had a lot to say during a recent interview on Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast. I figured that Scheana and her new man would be her main story line next year, but that might not be happening since Scheana revealed, “He doesn’t want to be on the show.” I don’t blame him for that one. She added, “I mean it is going to be his decision one hundred percent. As of now, he’s not feeling it- at all. For good reasons. He’s never watched the show also.”

She also took the opportunity to shade Shay when she said, “He sees all of the negative press that came out about Shay and he doesn’t want that for himself, but the difference is Shay did shady shit and you’re not that type of person.” Even though Robert doesn’t want to be on Vanderpump Rules, Scheana admitted, “I do want to show how happy we are and how amazing he is, but at the same time I do want to keep him away from the show.” Yeah, otherwise her only story line is going to be feeling left out whenever Kristen Doute, Katie Maloney, and Stassi hang out and she’s not invited.

When she was discussing Shay’s awkward appearance at the reunion show, she couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to talk about her upcoming talk show. She said, “Now looking back, there were some things that he said that I’m like ‘I wish I would have said this when he said it,’ but later this month I have my own digital talk show.” She also said, “It’s gonna be called Scheananigans,” which I actually like, but I have a punny sense of humor.

She continued, “This is just such a great outlet for me because I’ll get to say all the things I didn’t get to say that day. When you’re filming the reunion, there’s so many emotions and things going on that you forget to say a lot of things. After I was just like ‘Oh my god. Why didn’t I say this?’ and now that I have this outlet to speak on, I’m really excited.”

Scheana declared, “We all deal with things differently on our show. I am a person that takes accountability and owns my shit so if I do or say something wrong I can admit it, whereas I think Katie and Stassi have a harder time with that. Swallowing their pride isn’t something they easily do so for them I think the season was hard.” God bless Scheana for actually sharing her opinion on this. I doubt that’s going to go well for her. I would be scared to death to go against that trio of friends- not that Kristen actually did anything wrong to Scheana, but obviously she’s going to side with Katie and Stassi. So it’s safe to assume that next season will also be a rough one for Scheana, especially if her boyfriend refuses to film.

Scheana revealed, “Stassi got so mad at me that I didn’t come to her defense the day that Shay and [Brian] Carter’s party aired, why would I do that? You treated me like shit. You were so mean to me. You ruined his party for me.” Yeah. That episode was a bad look- to put it mildly. From what I saw, I don’t blame Scheana for being upset about it.

Scheana had even more to say about that shit show of an episode: “Had Stassi or Katie gone on Twitter and just said, ‘Wow Scheana, just watched back the episode, looked like an asshole, just want to apologize again,’ even though we were cooled at the time it aired, you didn’t do that, so why am I going to go on Twitter and defend your terrible behavior when you can’t take accountability for it?” She also said, “They just don’t take accountability and they say that I play the victim, but I really don’t. That’s just like their go-to excuse.”

As a person who struggled with an eating disorder, Scheana took issue with Stassi using the word “anorexic” as a “compliment” to describe her body and Kristen’s. Scheana explained, “Those comments trigger a bad time for me and I don’t care that Kristen likes being called that. I don’t. I take strong offense to that and for Stassi to just be like ‘It was a joke,’ not everything is a joke- especially when you’re talking about a disease and something I struggled with.” Even though Stassi was trying to be nice, she was definitely insensitive with the word choice there. That’s for sure.

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