Katie Maloney

The friendships are constantly changing on Vanderpump Rules. This cast manages to go from being best friends to worst enemies and back to best friends throughout every season.

Katie Maloney started the show as Stassi Schroeder’s obedient sidekick. The two of them were tight with Kristen Doute and they all couldn’t stand Scheana Marie. Those OG cast members all had their individual breakups and makeups and eventually Ariana Madix and Lala Kent were added to the mix and the dynamics became even more complicated.

Katie discussed her status with most of the ladies on the show – Brittany Cartwright wasn’t mentioned since everyone loves her and that has never wavered – in an interview with Us Weekly.

Katie described her relationship with Scheana by saying, “I kind of resolved it to — we don’t have to be best friends. I’m not going to hate you. I’m not going to ignore you or go out of my way to be rude.”

That didn’t last though. Katie said, “That’s what I thought was going on. But then I would hear from other people that she’s saying all kinds of stuff. I don’t understand. It’s like, ‘I haven’t seen in her a while. Why is she talking like that? Why is she saying these things?’ I don’t really know why she can’t let it go with me or just be chill about it. You’ll see a little more of what went wrong with Scheana and I over the season.”

Scheana’s friendships have always been up and down, so this isn’t shocking. The surprising development is that Katie and Lala are getting along these days. Katie revealed, “I just wanted to just let it go with her. I knew we had things in common. We don’t have to be the best of friends, but we don’t have to hate each other. That’s not a positive thing or productive in any manner. So yeah, it started from there and she was very gracious and accepting.”

And we actually watched the start of this friendship on the show. Katie shared, “You saw at the reunion, she also apologized. We haven’t forced anything, but it’s nice getting to know her. We are similar in a lot of ways.” It’s nice to know those apologies were genuine and not just a ruse to save face.

Lala and Scheana are both good friends with Ariana – who also has an up and down relationship with Katie – so it will be interesting to see how this plays into the group dynamics. Plus Ariana’s boyfriend Tom Sandoval and Katie’s husband Tom Schwartz are best friends, so that has to be a strange situation to navigate.

Katie remarked, “There have been times when we’ve been closer and hanging out more and spending time together, and we always have a really great time when we’re with one another. And then it’s one of those things, when we’re not together, I feel like she has a different opinion of me. A lot of it has to do with me being friends with Kristen and Stassi, who she’s really struggled to get along with.”

Katie added, “It’s a bummer because I do like Ariana. We do have fun together. It just always seems like it’s just not quite there — there’s something holding her back or I feel like I’m being judged a little bit by her, which isn’t the most comforting feeling.”

Ever since they made up in Palm Springs, it seems like things have only gotten better between Katie and Stassi. Katie confirmed, “We definitely had a different kind of friendship. None of the Princess Stassi bulls—t. We still sometimes let her be a little Princess Stassi, but joking and fun.”

Katie added, “Kristen as well. I like that we have an open friendship. We are tough love, always honest, support each other. It feels very nice to have that sisterhood.”

Sisterhood is great and all, but I sure do miss Crazy Kristen. Thankfully Katie said, “Well … I feel like crazy Kristen is always just right under the surface. A few inches, maybe. She keeps it at bay for the most part. She definitely has some moments this year. Maybe not as loosely in the past, but you know … she sometimes just can’t stay out stuff or let things go sometimes.” YES. YES. YES.

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