Scheana Marie

You know what they say “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Scheana Marie is not married to Mike Shay any more, but she still odds with Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney, and Kristen Doute– just like the good old days. Well, maybe Scheana wouldn’t throw the word “good” in there, but it was definitely an iconic era in reality television.
After the first episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 6, a lot of people are questioning the comments that she made about Shay and their marriage.

Scheana appeared on an episode of the Betch Slapped podcast and revealed that she doesn’t talk to Shay (obviously), but she did admit, “From what I’ve heard from people who still follow him is that he’s in a relationship and he seems to be doing well. I hope he’s happy.” It’s not as if Shay has a private Instagram account that Scheana wouldn’t be able to find that out for herself. Did Scheana hear that “from people who still follow him” or did she see it herself?
Even though Scheana uses her middle name for her last name, she didn’t actually get rid of the “Shay” after she divorced. Scheana said, “That’s my legal name. It was such a hassle to change it. When or if I get remarried, I will change my last name.” Scheana Shay really has a nice ring to it, if I were Scheana I wouldn’t let that go, but then again, I am just looking at this from a branding standpoint. Emotionally, it might be tough to be a Shay for the rest of her life… or until her next marriage.
Scheana backtracked on the Shay comments she made during the Season 6 premiere when the podcast host told her, “You kind of say some harsh things about Shay in the first episode.” Scheana insisted, “I didn’t, but you see five seconds of a fifteen minute conversation. It was taken the wrong way. I was also saying this in other interviews: I don’t drink a lot when we film, so I’m never really drunk on camera. That night was like second or third day of filming. I was there with Rob [Valletta], it was my birthday, so I let loose, had fun, and got a little drunk. I was being very candid with Lisa [Vanderpump] when I thought no one else was around.” She thought there was no one else around when she was filming a reality show at her own birthday party? Of course the spotlight was on her.
Scheana said, “I was just explaining that if you knew before Shay that you would know that Rob has always been that person. He was the one that got away and the one I always wanted to make it work with. That conversation got taken as the whole time I was with Shay, I only wanted to be with Rob. That’s not true.” She insisted, “I wasn’t discrediting my marriage or how I felt about that, but it did come off that way.”
When she was asked if she felt like “Lisa stirred the pot a little bit,” Scheana took the bait and answered, “Yeah, a little bit.” Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, Scheana. That is not a good call.
Scheana backtracked on the “bigger and better” remark she made when she compared her relationship with Rob to her marriage with Shay. Scheana said, “I made a joke. I said ‘bigger and better’ and everyone just assumes I’m talking about that. If you saw after, I’m laughing. I’m joking, but again people taking things so seriously. It’s like ‘Oh. You’re putting your ex’s manhood on blast.’ It was a joke, people.” How else were people supposed to interpret that comment?
The fandom should expect even more shade about Shay since Scheana teased, “I don’t know what interview bites they’re going to use, but I definitely said more than ‘bigger and better.'” Oh boy… I have to admit that I cannot wait to see what she says next.
Even though Scheana held back on the Shay disses during this podcast appearance, she did have some insults for Katie, Kristen, and Stassi. She said, “Most of them drink everyday and fight every week and that’s just not my style. I don’t fight with my friends and I fight with them constantly. Clearly we just aren’t meant to be friends because Ariana [Madix], Brittany [Cartwright], Lala [Kent], and I never fight.”
Scheana also addressed the infamous Stassi podcast controversy: “I think Stassi says a lot of things without thinking about them. I think that she can be quite ignorant with topics that are very sensitive. If I’m not completely educated on something, I’m just not going to speak about it, especially being a public figure. She just has no filter and it bites her in the ass a lot of the time.”
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