Kristen Doute Opens Up About Getting Along With Ariana Madix & Lala Kent

It is so difficult keeping track of the friendships on Vanderpump Rules. No matter what happens or what they say about each other, you never know where these people stand with each other on any given day. These cast members have to be the most forgiving people on the planet.

Kristen Doute never got along with Ariana Madix or Lala Kent in the past, but now she’s cool with both of them. Ariana started dating Kristen’s ex boyfriend and Kristen invited a girl that he allegedly hooked up with all the way from Miami to show up at SUR in Los Angeles and now these two are getting along after years of shading each other. Kristen and Lala never had a chance at friendship thanks to everyone else’s drama. Now, Kristen is on good terms with them and she opened up about that in a recent interview.

In an interview on the Conversations with Maria Menounos podcast, Kristen discussed the rumors about Robert Valletta cheating on Scheana and why she and Brittany Cartwright decided to tell Scheana about it right before a party.

Kristen said, “I’ll be very transparent about what happened. The night before I was at Brittany‘s house helping her get ready and this was off camera. Brittany was drunk and shaking with this news being like ‘I have to call Scheana’ and this is one o’clock in the morning. We’re looking at social media and I’m like ‘Brittany, she’s out with friends. You cannot just drop this bomb on her in a text message when she’s out and about and there’s nothing she can do about it.'”

She continued, “Jax [Taylor] told us that he was going to drop this bomb at the party and announce it in front of everyone. That’s standard Jax.” Plus he probably wanted to take the spotlight away from is own cheating scandal at the time. Kristen claimed, “He was so excited to be the one to tell it in front of everybody and embarrass her. We were like ‘No, we’re not letting this happen.'”

Kristen was asked, “It seems like you and Ariana are a lot closer than you used to be, or at least getting along. Is that true?” She admitted, “I know. It’s like the Twilight Zone, right? It’s so weird. If you follow us both on Twitter, I feel like she tweets me more than my best friends do. I would say we’re friendly, I wouldn’t say friends, but we’re friendly – which feels really, really great to not have all that animosity between us since we are around each other so often.”

She also explained her changed stance on Lala. Kristen said, “I love Lala. Once she apologized to Katie [Maloney] on the reunion – that was my beef with Lala. Yeah, I gave her ten times the hell about her boyfriend last year and we were all kind of assholes to each other, all of the girls.” She continued, “They apologized. I have given her the chance to actually get to know her and I love her. We hang out pretty often. I went on the PJ – the one thing we said we would never do.” I don’t blame her, who would turn down a private jet?

Kristen also revealed that she, Ariana, and everyone else had a really good time on that private jet to Vegas, and she theorized, “It was strange. Jax and Scheana were not there and we all got along.” Shade thrown.

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