Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave: Dorit Kemsley “Can’t Keep Saying Things About Everybody” & “Twisting The Situation To Be About Herself”

Even though this is only Dorit Kemsley’s second season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the show has turned into The Dorit Show. Almost every story line this season starts with Dorit stirring the pot and twisting up information. As frustrating as she’s been, she has been the driving force behind this season. Let’s be honest: if it wasn’t for Dorit, there would be nothing to talk about.

One person who is so not here for Dorit’s nonsense is Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave. I completely understand, but if I was Teddi, I would be grateful to have Dorit as an enemy because it means I would win every single poll on Watch What Happens Live and almost every viewer would be on my side.

Teddi discussed the last episode in her Bravo blog. At this point Teddi feels comfortable in this group of women. She wrote, “Okay, so I think this episode was a turning point for me: I’m more comfortable around these women, and I’ve developed real relationships with them. So I’m invested.”

Teddi wrote, “I’ve realized that Dorit has a very bad habit of talking out of both sides, the top and bottom of her mouth but never owning up to anything. Call me psycho, but I’m kinda over it. She can’t keep saying things about everybody, especially people she cares about, but then twisting the situation to make herself the victim when they get upset.” I understand why anyone in the cast would be frustrated with Dorit, but as a viewer, I can’t help feeling like this show would be a total snooze fest without her bull shit.

I just don’t understand why Lisa Vanderpump is so loyal to Dorit instead of Kyle Richards who she’s known for over a decade. They both owe Kyle major apologies after the shenanigans from that episode. Teddi wrote, “Yes, I told Kyle what was said at dinner. It came up organically at our lunch the next day, and Camille [Grammer] and I relayed the conversation as it actually happened. That’s the difference from what Dorit did last week; she told Erika [Girardi] an inflamed story about how we were ‘mad.’ I don’t tell stories, I tell truths. So when Lisa Vanderpump asks me what was said, I tell her—explicitly stating I don’t think Dorit was being malicious, she was just producing another episode of The Dorit Show.” Watching this show, I can’t help feeling like Dorit knows exactly what she’s doing when she starts this drama or she is just the most oblivious person on the planet. Anything in between those two extremes just doesn’t make the most sense.

It was tough seeing Kyle so upset. She was just being a loyal soldier friend to Lisa, but Lisa didn’t have her back the entire night (that Kyle spent defending her) and she even wanted to hop in a cab with Dorit (the person who cannot stop talking shit about her). Teddi admitted, “I don’t blame Kyle for bringing it up later in the evening.” Plus she kind of has to since that’s what this show is all about.

Teddi continued, “Sure, it was ‘Dorit’s night,’ but I don’t believe she wouldn’t have done the same if the role was reversed. I mean, she pulled me aside at her husband’s 50th party to confront me. And it wouldn’t have been a big deal if Dorit could have just said, ‘You know what, I said it in the moment, and I’m sorry.’ But she can’t. Now she’s dismissing me and attacking my business, and I’m done. To clarify, my job is to help women reach their health and fitness goals, not to stop them from talking sh– about their friends, but apparently tonight I am running a side business.”

She recapped, “Somehow we’re left with Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump at odds, and I don’t like that we’ve come to this.” Part of me agrees with that since they should have both banned together to put Dort in her place. Another part of me is happy that at least something is happening so we aren’t subjected to glam squad montages and debates about glassware for another episode.

Teddi concluded, “They have a history that I haven’t lived, but you can see the hurt in both of them, and I’m just trying to help rectify the situation. So while, yes, as Dorit says it isn’t about me, it is about being a good friend instead of dropping bombs you don’t take accountability for while walking away complaining about the mess—which you’ve made.”

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