Kailyn Lowry & Leah Messer Talk Co-Parenting And If Leah Is Getting Back Together With Jeremy Calvert

Kailyn Lowry had her friend and Teen Mom 2 co-star Leah Messer as a guest on her Coffee Convos podcast where they talked all things failed marriages, co-parenting and Leah’s future as a motivational speaker.. Kail and her co-host Lindsie Chrisley also grilled Leah on her relationship with Jeremy Calvert!

Kail is literally obsessed with Jeremy and Leah getting back together. She loves them as a couple, and thinks there’s a real possibility of them giving their relationship another go. She also wants them to have another baby together! Leah however, insists it’s “never” happening. “I think he knows that,” she teases, although at Kail’s prompting Leah finally admits Jeremy recently asked her out on a date, but she suggested they take Addie out instead. Ouch! Leah and Jeremy did go to some a pottery place together (which was filmed!) and Leah made a dog bowl for her dog.

“I mean we’re friends and we get along for Addie. He’s a great person to co-parent with,” Leah shares. “Like, if we get in a disagreement, we work through it. We didn’t do well ‘together’ but we do great as friends.”

“We don’t hook up,” insists Leah, but adds, “whatever is meant to be.” One word: #DeerCam

Leah reminds Kail about the time she and Javi came to visit her and Jeremy in WV, and Javi almost drove off the side of the cliff in the mountains. (As a WV girl – I am so laughing over non-mountain drivers trying to navigate our crazy roads!). Jeremy actually had to tow them into the “vertical” driveway with his truck! HA. They also reminisce about going skinny-dipping in Myrtle Beach after Leah and Jeremy’s wedding. Eventually Kail calls Jeremy on Leah’s phone to discuss the incident, and Kail harasses him about dating Leah again. Jeremy denies that he’s still in love with Leah.

Switching gears to co-parenting with all their different baby daddies, Kail wonders about the twins’ relationship with Jeremy, because, “Javi and Lincoln had a really strong bond, and then he got a girlfriend, and things just like changed and fell apart. Once they kinda came back together – they just don’t have that relationship anymore.” Leah says the girls still see Jeremy at family events, but, “they have their own dad.”

Kail backhandedly complains about Javi and Jo, by comparing them to Corey and Jeremy. “I kinda respect them in that they don’t make everything about, like, filming the show…  They don’t really gang up on you or anything on the show, or anything like that, and I really respect that about them.”

“We’ve all grown so much,” acknowledges Leah. Actually while listening to this I was thinking bout how mature and together Leah legitimately sounded and I was impressed! Kail is still Kail, however!

Kail and Javi are getting along presently, but it’s still a struggle. “Corey is a lot like Jo,” explains Leah, “and Jeremy is a lot like Javi.” Kail agrees, “Javi and Jeremy are like you kinda just never know which way it’s gonna go. Like you guys are getting along but you argue, and like it’s more up and down than Corey and Jo.” Lindsie suggests it’s a result of “unfinished” emotional business. “I have a lot of resentment towards Javi,” Kail admits.

Leah finds it easier to co-parent with Jeremy because they’re friends. “Corey and I don’t have that friendship. There’s strict rules… It’s like we have a schedule, and that’s what we do. And with Jeremy it’s like whatever.” Kail and Javi have a similar approach. “There’s a friendship, but also like animosity,” she explains. For the record, it does NOT sound like Leah and Jeremy have animosity. Of course they have been broken up for much longer, and Leah didn’t immediately get knocked up with another guy’s baby…

Conversely co-parenting with Jo and Vee is now seamless according to Kail. “I can call Vee and we can go get our nails done; Jo and I can take Isaac somewhere and there’s not an issue, but I wouldn’t call it a friendship like I would say I have with Javi. It’s definitely a co-parentingship, for sure.” So that’s a good thing, right? Or not? #Maturity

Leah and Miranda are certainly not hitting the salon together anytime soon, but they get along for the kids. Leah does note that Addie transitions between parents easier than the twins do and she believes it’s because she has a more relaxed relationship with Jeremy, but maintains that she, Corey and Miranda are now completely civil for the girls and it works out.

As for other things going on in Leah’s life, she’s ready to start dating again, but no dating apps! “Someone told me ‘that’s like putting ‘DTF [down to f–k] on your forehead’ and I am not that type of person, so I got off the hell off of Tinder and any type of dating app.” Leah isn’t interested in dating until he’s “the right person,” and she doesn’t believe he’s in WV. She “absolutely” hopes to move “eventually.”

Kail and Leah both worry that people will only be interested in dating them because they’re on TV. “Some of the girls use a different name,” says Leah, “so they don’t know who we are.” But she thinks that’s ridiculous because “it’s kinda like Catfish.”

In other news, Leah is writing a book! Who didn’t see this one coming?! “It’s so intimate,” she reveals. “And I’m gonna do a lot of motivational speaking. I’m so excited for it.”

Motivational speaking is Leah’s passion, so she’s no longer pursuing college. “I was so nervous at first. I’m just a little quiet person, but I know that with my story and getting it out there – it’s just going to make a difference for so many people.”

Kail believes Leah’s book will “give people another perspective of, like, everything” that has happened in Leah’s life, and suggests that she and Leah do a book tour together.

Finally Leah also dishes on the upcoming season of TM2, where viewers will see additional  “ups and downs with Ali,” and “some Jeremy stuff” (including their pottery date!), and “just randomly talking if we should get back together or just hooking up.” We’ll also see Kail and Leah’s vacation to Hawaii. Kail wants a spinoff.  “It should be like ‘The Life Of Leah & Kail, and it should be like ‘Girl Mom Vs. Boy Mom’,” Kail suggests. Um, sure, yeah…

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edited to add: the photo that Mary used earlier today was not Leah. Sorry for the confusion! Fixed!


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