NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton

Last night was Marlo Hampton’s first appearance on Watch What Happens Live and she provided the Real Housewives of Atlanta fandom with more questions than answers.

Marlo continued to remain a mystery. NeNe Leakes continued to shade Kim Zolciak. Andy Cohen continued to stir the pot.

Andy asked Marlo, “When you watched that back, what did you think of your beef with Porsha [Williams]?” Surprisingly enough, Marlo didn’t take that as an opportunity to throw shade at Porsha. Marlo admitted, “When I watched it back, I just wanted to close my eyes. I’m like ‘What the hell happened?’ You know what Andy, that day it was so amazing. Porsha did my makeup that day. We were bonding. We were having an amazing day.  I’m just gonna have to blame it on the alcohol.”

The Porsha discussion continued when Andy played a clip of NeNe and Porsha’s heart to heart from the last episode. He told NeNe, “That was a really sweet moment you guys had, but you were just watching it kind of out of one eye. I don’t understand what your reaction was.” NeNe told him, “My lash was coming loose.” Sure it was.

Andy continued, “It seemed like the two of you came together in that moment.” NeNe said, “Well… we had a great conversation. I’m happy to be a big sister to any of these girls. I really am… since I’m the elder.”

Andy tried to unravel the mystery that is Marlo, but she did not actually clarify anything. He asked, “Are you currently in a relationship?” She (vaguely) answered, “I’m currently dating.” Andy came through with an early Atlanta Housewives reference (and shaded Kim in the process) when he asked, “Do you have a Big Papa, so to speak?” Marlo said, “No, not a Big Papa. Just not a broke papa.”

Andy asked, “What’s the most expensive thing a man has ever gifted you?” Marlo shared, “My home. And my mother’s home.” Seriously? What does Marlo bring to the table that people are just giving her homes?

And then he got to the big question that we all want to know: “How would you define what you do for a living if someone asks you?” As expected, Marlo just danced around the question. She said, “I knew everybody is always going to say ‘Marlo, what do you do for a living?'” She continued to draw out the answer (without actually sharing any information): “Tonight’s the night, I’m gonna let them know. Andy’s my sugar daddy.” And that joke really fell flat.

After that, NeNe was tasked to name three things she admires about Kim Zolciak. She let out a long “Ugghhhh.” Then she said, “That she can laugh. She wears lashes. Her hair is blonde.” Oh. Later a caller asked NeNe how she would act when Kim shows up to tape the reunion. NeNe said, “I’m gonna act the way I act right now. Kim don’t stop no show.”

A viewer asked NeNe, “Do you think recording bugs is worse than accusing someone of lying about cancer, which is what triggered Kim’s response?” NeNe admitted, “Both are bad.” Then she went back to hating on Kim: “You just don’t go to someone’s house and start videoing stuff, especially when you weren’t invited in the first place.”

Marlo got in on the Kim hating when she was asked, “Which Housewife do you think needs the most etiquette?” Marlo shared, “From Atlanta, it would definitely have to be Kim.” I’m still trying to get past the notion that Marlo has any personal insight when it comes to etiquette.

A caller asked NeNe, “My question is about you and Porsha. Will you guys ever be friends again and have you repaired that relationship?” After initially laughing, NeNe admitted, “Listen, I can move on. Porsha and I are OK. It’s just going to take time for us to get back where we were. It’s just going to take time. We alright. We work together, honey.”

Plot twist: NeNe actually said something nice about Kim. She admitted, “Kim is fun. Kim has a very fun side to her. She can be fun and she can laugh.”

Marlo continued to confuse me when she was asked, “If you were a Housewife, what would your tagline be?” I figured that Marlo has been fantasizing about becoming a Housewife for years, but her answer made zero sense. She said, “Fabulous Marlo.” Then she changed her mind, “No. ‘Money low.'” Does she not watch this show? Those are not even taglines.

NeNe was asked, “Do you really think Kroy’s [Biermann] butt is fake or enhanced or were you just saying that to get back at Kim? Can you please ask Kim does she really thinks we have roaches?” NeNe said, “When she figure that out, I figure out is Kroy’s ass real or not.” Why is she hating on Kroy? Kroy doesn’t do anything to anyone in this cast, yet everyone is overly offended that he drives Kim around.

A fan asked NeNe, “How can you trust Marlo after she’s back stabbed you before and Kenya [Moore]?” NeNe said, “Me and Marlo are like sisters. We have a great relationship and all the things that people are telling me that I heard that Marlo supposedly did, none of these girls were telling me things when we weren’t speaking. They were all trying to be Marlo’s friend at that time. So now they all want to start telling me ‘Marlo’s saying this. Marlo did that. That’s wrong what she did to you.’ Listen, don’t tell me none of that. We’re in a great place in our relationship and that’s the way it’s gonna stay.” I guess we will see about that last part.

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