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Stassi Schroeder Wants A Combined Birthday Party With Ariana Madix Next Year; Discusses Fall Out From Podcast & Instagram Controversies

At this point in the current Vanderpump Rules season, Stassi Schroeder has more controversy off-screen than she does on the actual show. She’s come under fire for some of her podcast comments. Stassi received a great deal of backlash after describing her outfit as “Nazi chic.”

So far, Stassi’s biggest drama this season was her birthday party freak out and tearful apology to Katie Maloney and Kristen Doute the next day. Even so, she’s had some great on-camera interview commentary this year and she directed a lot of shade toward the Rob-sessed Scheana Marie.

During an appearance on the Pump Rules PodcastStassi was asked about (what appeared to be) Scheana’s constant gushing over then-boyfriend Rob Valletta. Stassi was actually pretty sympathetic toward her on-again-off-again friend Scheana. She admitted, “Of course when you’re in a new relationship, you want to gush. You want to fucking shout that shit out, of course. I understand Scheana in that way… but it’s a lot.”

Now that Stassi is dating Beau Clark, she is nervous about following in Scheana’s boastful footsteps. She confessed, “Do you know how terrified I am that like because I’m in a new relationship that I’m going to sound like that? I’m trying not to talk about my boyfriend because I don’t want to go overboard.” That’s a safe move to make.

Then Stassi discussed the fall out from her podcast controversy. She was asked, “Did you lose all your sponsors?” She shared, “I lost a lot.”

Stassi explained, “Of course because my intention is never to hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s never to upset anyone. What I really feel badly about is the way that I talked about ‘Me too’ thing. The Me Too campaign, I’m proud of. I’m a woman. I’ve been in those situations. I am one of them, so it’s crazy to have people be so upset about something when you feel like you’re a part of it.”

The Vanderpump Rules star confessed, “I don’t think I knew enough. I am one hundred percent with anyone who has been truly violated or felt that they were in a situation that was traumatic.”

Stassi was asked, “Do you feel like maybe it was more a matter of you not communicating what you felt?” Stassi answered, “It’s that. It’s also me not knowing enough. I think that I should have educated myself more than I had at that time. I think I need to be more mindful of what other people have experienced even though I have been in those situations.”

Then Stassi addressed the Nazi controversy- something I never expected to start a sentence with when discussing a Bravo show. Stassi admitted, “I think what’s upset me the most was when I posted that ‘Nazi chic’ OOTD because I’m obviously not a Nazi.”

She shared, “It’s a joke because all my friends make fun of me because my initials are “SS” and I have them everywhere and when I went to Europe last year it looked like I was in some sort of uniform.”

Stassi continued, “So it became this joke that my friends and I just said and I’m like ‘Fuck you. Stop calling me Nazi chic.'” She concluded, “I said it. It was careless of me, but I didn’t realize that would be something people would be affected by. I had no idea. I really thought it was just a joke. Nazis suck ass.”

Then she jumped back to the show. While discussing her walk out during her own birthday party, Stassi explained why she had such a tearful apology. She revealed, “It wasn’t just that I hurt Katie and Kristen because they had made my birthday so so special and did so many wonderful things for me.” She added, “Everything was very sweet and I felt so guilty that I had yelled at them.”

Stassi admitted, “That scene doesn’t even show it, I cried for like two days. It was rough. I also yelled at my producers. I love my producers and I respect my crew so much and they’re our family.” She explained, “I was mean to them as well and that was the first time that ever happened. It shook me that not only was I mean to my friends, but I was also mean to my crew that I respect so much. I just couldn’t believe myself.”

And on a lighter note, Stassi admitted that she is all about the possibility of an actual friendship with Ariana Madix– which would get rid of the annual dueling birthday parties story line. Stassi even said, “It’s my thirtieth birthday and I’m still willing to have a joint one. I fucking love Ariana. I have this weird, is it like sadistic, that no matter what happens with Ariana, I’m like ‘I really like you.’?”

Stassi said, “I love Ariana, so there’s that. The friendship is always up to her.” The love fest continued: “I like her. I think she’s smart. I think she’s funny. I get where her brain goes. I think we share a lot in common and we have similar qualities that I don’t know if she would like to admit.”

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