WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15049 -- Pictured: (l-r) Brittany Cartwright, Stassi Schroeder -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Stassi Schroeder Says New Boyfriend Beau Clark Gets Along With Her Ex Jax Taylor; Brittany Cartwright Would Not Stay With Jax If He Cheats Again

Stassi Schroeder Says New Boyfriend Beau Clark Gets Along With Her Ex Jax Taylor; Brittany Cartwright Would Not Stay With Jax If He Cheats Again

The fact that Brittany Cartwright is dating Jax Taylor and she is good friends with Jax’s most significant ex-girlfriend, Stassi Schroeder, is something that will never cease to entertain me. That’s why I was happy that the two of them joined Andy Cohen in the clubhouse to discuss Vanderpump Rules on Watch What Happens Live.

The two dished on Scheana Marie’s constant chatter about her now-ex-boyfriend Rob Valletta, Scheana meddling in Brittany’s relationship, and Stassi’s new man Beau Clark.

After watching a montage of Scheana’s Rob-session, all Brittany had to say, as the chronically neutral cast member, was “Oh my gosh.” Andy remarked, “Wow. It’s incredible,” and I could not agree more. Scheana is really making the season entertaining and I’m all for it.

Weirdly enough, Stassi agrees with my sentiment. She admitted, “Yeah. It’s intense. I never fast forward her scenes. Her scenes are my favorite scenes.” Andy explained that Stassi’s comment is actually pretty relevant to the reunion they just taped when he said, “Scheana actually revealed at the reunion that she basically fast forwards through everyone else’s scenes.” That is not at all surprising.  Stassi added, “So she agrees with me. Her scenes are the best.” They really are.

Then Andy asked about Stassi’s boyfriend Beau. After Stassi admitted that Beau get’s along with everyone in the cast, Brittany interjected with, “Even Jax,” and once again I am fascinated by the dynamics within this cast. Stassi added, “Yeah. Jax hits him up all the time. It’s nice.” I would love to see Jax and Brittany double dating with Stassi and Beau next season. It would make for prime television.

One person that Brittany would never want to double date with is Jax’s Reiki master Kelsey. Andy asked, “When you see he and the Reiki master and he says to you ‘I have the best day of my week when I see her,’ does any of that irritate you?” Brittany confessed, “Oh, that really irritated me. I wanted him to go to the Reiki, get better, and get the help he needed, but don’t act like she’s the light of your life whenever I’ve been trying to help him and do the same exact things, he said she was doing.”

Andy wondered, “Did it cause any fights between the two of you?” Brittany shared, “It didn’t really cause any fights because I at the time wasn’t watching it. I wasn’t able to see the sessions and stuff. I was wanting it to truly help him.” But did it affect their relationship now that she has watched the scenes with the Reiki master? Brittany never said, but she did mention, “she definitely has some googly eyes.”

A viewer asked Brittany, “How do you feel about your friends getting in the middle of your relationship? Do you wish they’d stay out of it?” Brittany explained, “Watching it back, it’s definitely a different point of view because we don’t see every little thing that’s going on like a viewer sees. So to you guys, it probably looks insane, but to me it was the support that I needed and it was the love. They were just there for me and there’s nothing I would change about what they did for me. Not one thing.”

It was only a matter of time before someone asked Stassi about Scheana’s podcast. She confessed, “I don’t think I’ll be a guest. I have not listened to it. It’s honestly annoying to hear. I’m not like thrilled.” Is Scheana even a reality TV star if she doesn’t have a podcast? Almost everyone has one at this point, so I don’t really see why Stassi would get offended by this. Plus there are plenty of other things that Scheana says and does to get offended by.

Just for good measure, Andy asked Brittany yet another question about her relationship. He told Brittany, “Number one question for you, why don’t you understand that leaving Jax would be the best decision that you could ever make?” Brittany said, “Because I’m following my heart. It’s my life. I’m the one who’s living it, being with him every single night. No one else out there is, so it’s my decision.” She has said this in every single interview this season. Why are people still asking her this? Unless Brittany hints at the possibility of changing up this answer, can people just stop asking her this during every single interview? Please. Let her live her life and prevent us all from hearing the repetition.

A fan asked Stassi, “Did [Tom] Sandoval ever apologize to you for the way he spoke to you at Katie [Maloney] and Tom’s [Schwartz] apartment?” Stassi teased, “Stay tuned for our awesome reunion.” Oh, I will. Obviously.

And of course, Brittany was asked about Jax’s adultery, yet again. Andy wanted to know, “If Jax cheats on you again, would you give him another chance?” Brittany insisted, “No. No. No.”

Andy asked both Brittany and Stassi, “Thoughts on Scheana and Rob? Do you think they will end up together again?” Both of them said, “no” in unison. Brittany added, “I think it’s done now for sure.”

Andy read a question from a fan asking, “What do you think about Scheana trying to set you up with other men while you’re still in a relationship and trashing Jax every chance she gets? Is that slimy or justified?” Brittany answered, “It’s hard to watch it all back in that way. At the time, I didn’t care. I thought ‘You know what, she’s trying to make me feel better. She’s trying to make me see that other guys think I’m hot.’ And I was all for it.” Can’t she just open up her Instagram DM’s or scroll through some of the comments to see that guys think she’s hot? Did she really have to go out on a Scheana-instigated faux date?

A caller asked Stassi, “Why do Ariana [Madix] and Kristen [Doute] seem to be on really good terms when she was equally as part of the conversation with Billie about Jeremy [Madix] being creepy and you seem to get all the backlash for it?” Stassi explained, “I noticed that as well. I think because of the way Billie [Lee] told the story to everyone. I think that’s the reason. I don’t think anyone’s trying to be vindictive. I don’t think Ariana’s purposely trying to say it was all about me.”

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