Tom Schwartz & Tom Sandoval Discuss Friction In Their Relationship, The Idea Of Jax Taylor As A Father, & Lala Kent’s Man Randall Emmett

The best relationship on Vanderpump Rules doesn’t involved one of the actual couples. Without a doubt, the best pair on the show is Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval. They have the most loyalty and consistency out of every duo in the cast.

Nevertheless, there has been some tension teased between Tom and Tom at some point this season, but it doesn’t actually stem from something that happened between them. Schwartz and Sandoval discussed that, the idea of Jax Taylor becoming a father, and their thoughts on Lala Kent’s man Randall Emmett.

In an interview for Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast, Sandoval explained, “Well you know, me and Schwartz have been friends for such a long time. We do get along most of the time. Pretty much all the time. We rarely ever argue. We just get along very well. Obviously, he’s married, so if I have an issue with his [wife], if something happened between me and Katie [Maloney], or Ariana [Madix] and Katie, it can always add stress to our friendship.”

Fans of the Tom and Tom bromance don’t have to worry though. Sandoval reassured the viewers, “It wasn’t that crazy. We really worked through shit.”

Schwartz echoed Sandoval’s sentiments with, “The only time we really had friction was when we were arguing about other people’s friendships or relationships. We never fight with each other. It’s always other people’s beef that we end up hurting heads over.”

Since the Tom vs. Tom drama doesn’t seem to be too strenuous, the conversation shifted to Jax and Brittany Cartwright’s relationship. They were asked, “How would you guys have reacted if Brittany was pregnant?” Sandoval didn’t hold back. He admitted, “I would have been really f-cking terrified.”

He even said, “I would have had secondhand terror.”

Perennial nice guy Schwartz theorized, “I think he might have stepped up to the plate and did a good job. I’m a known Jax sympathizer, but I feel like he would have stepped up and handled his business.” Sandoval ended up agreeing and said, “I think he would have too.”

Sandoval continued, “Obviously, Jax would care about his own kid, but he doesn’t care about kids right now. He’s not interested in knowing about pregnancy. I mean, his knowledge would feel like having a kid with a 12 year old. He’s got the mentality of a 12 year old when it comes to babies. That’s the thing that would worry me about it.” He cited Jax’s confusion about how pregnancy tests work as evidence: “He was like ‘A pregnancy test, what do you do? Just jam it in there?’” He had to be kidding right? He just acted dumb for the show, right? There’s no way Jax actually thought that.

For the most part, Tom and Tom get along with everyone in the cast, so it’s only natural that they have a budding bromance with Lala’s boyfriend Randall. Schwartz shared, “We’re not BFF’s. I’ve only hung out with him a few times, but I really do enjoy his company. He’s incredibly charming, driven, and an all around really cool guy.” Sandoval added, “He’s really fun. He’s got the energy.” I know he has a “legitimate” entertainment career and all, but I would just love it if Randall made a cameo appearance on Vanderpump Rules. I cannot help being intrigued.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]