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Tom Schwartz & Tom Sandoval Stick Up For Jeremy Madix After He Was Accused Of Being “Creepy”

Tom Schwartz & Tom Sandoval Stick Up For Jeremy Madix After He Was Accused Of Being “Creepy”

The good news is that Jeremy Madix got the most screen time he’s ever had during the last episode of Vanderpump Rules. The bad news is that the spotlight was on him because Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute warned Billie Lee that Jeremy is “creepy” after he asked Billie out on a date.

So of course Jeremy’s sister Ariana Madix and her man Tom Sandoval flipped out and stepped up in Jeremy’s defense. The editors also blessed us with some previously unseen footage of Jeremy hitting on Stassi at Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s wedding, which wasn’t the most flattering. Then again, if most of us were filmed mid-wedding reception, the footage wouldn’t be the most flattering.

Both Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz showed up to defend Jeremy -I mean talk about the last Vanderpump Rules episode- with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. The Toms confirmed that their restaurant Tom Tom is set to open “end of May [or] early June.” Now, I’m just waiting for a spin-off show announcement.

Andy polled the audience asking if they were on Sandoval’s side or Katie, Kristen, and Stassi’s after Sandoval confronted them for accusing his pseudo-brother-in-law of being “creepy,” but before the poll was done, Andy told Schwartz, “You didn’t seem to stick up for your wife.” Schwartz responded with, “I was trying to be diplomatic, maybe a little too much so. I understood where he was coming from. He was very impassioned and I could relate with him, but also…” Then Andy interrupted with, “It looks like the audience is on Sandoval’s side just so you know.” That’s understandable.

Andy asked the Toms, “Is Scheana [Marie] wrong for trying to sabotage Jax [Taylor] and Brittany’s [Cartwright] relationship?” Sandoval explained, “Look, I understand wanting your friend to find somebody better because you feel like they’re in a bad place, but that’s their choice. Like when me and Kristen were together, a lot of people thought we shouldn’t be together, but until I was ready to make the choice, nobody stepped in and was trying to hook me up with their hot friends or anything like that.” Scheana is really going to have a rough time at the reunion.

Katie made it clear that she was tuning into the episode- which makes sense since her husband was a guest- when she tweeted, “Sandoval and Ariana both said stuff about Stassi’s brother at the last reunion and he’s only twelve.”

Sandoval admitted, “Yes, I regret that. I mean, I was annoyed. I felt it [was] a little weird to have somebody on the reunion that was so young.” He should have just stopped there, but he didn’t. He just had to add, “They kind of cut up the stuff that he said about me and Ariana. He got kind of angry and vicious and was leaning forward in his chair.” Schwartz stood up for Stassi’s brother and added, “He was just nervous.”

Andy asked, “Who’s the better singer: Scheana or Lala [Kent]?” Without hesitation, Schwartz said, “For sure Lala.” And then he continued to be one of the nicest guys on reality TV when he made it a point to add, “I mean no offense Scheana.” Sandoval agreed and added, “Scheana knows that.” Schwartz chimed in with, “She’s self-aware.” Is she though? Scheana is a lot of things, but “self-aware” is not at the top of the list… or even on the list for that matter.

And finally, Andy asked Schwartz a key question: “Did you see Jeremy acting inappropriate with female guests at your wedding?” Schwartz said, “I saw hints of it, but to me it was all in good fun. He was just having a good time and I think it was just ill-timed.” Sandoval agreed and said, “Yeah.”

A caller asked, “When are Schwartz and Katie going to make babies?” Schwartz admitted, “We’re talking about it. It’s on the table. I love babies. Maybe when I get back, we’ll make some babies this week.” Andy interjected with, “That’s not happening.”

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