Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Reunion Trailer: Stalking, Blackmail, Phone Calls From Prison, Labor Contractions, & More!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 reunion trailer is nothing short of explosive. I would not be at all surprised if Andy Cohen has some hearing damage after sitting in the middle of the Kim Zolciak vs. NeNe Leakes screaming match. Clearly, these two going at it is going to be a major highlight of the reunion.

Kandi Burruss and a crown-wearing Porsha Williams continue to go back and forth over their Season 9 drama, which is understandable considering that Porsha told everyone that Kandi wanted to drug and rape her for over a year. Kenya Moore comes for wannabe cast member Marlo Hampton’s friendship with NeNe and her perennially vague professional life. And of course, Sheree Whitfield’s prison boo Tyrone Gilliams continues to give more to this show than most of the paid cast members- and he’s doing it all via collect call from prison.

Just like the reunion itself, the Season 10 trailer is a must-watch. Andy warns Kenya, “Don’t get off the couch.” Kandi gets emotional and her voice gives out when she tells Porsha, “I don’t think you even know what you did.” Clearly.

NeNe asks someone “Where is your scooter?” Which I don’t honestly understand and have no idea who that’s even directed at. Andy yells “Stop,” at some point which is pretty shocking since he’s normally all about the shade throwing and arguing.

“Friend of the Housewives” Eva Marcille shares, “I’m contracting about every ten minutes right now,” and says “I need to calm down so I don’t have a reunion baby.” Obviously this was pre-taped so we all know that didn’t happen.

Andy asks Marlo, “What are your businesses?” for what feels like the 984773263737th time. She tells him, “Simply Marlo LLC. Wanna Google that?” Kenya interjects with, “When I’m looking for porn.” I actually did Google that and I still have no idea what Marlo’s businesses are. Kenya also accuses Marlo of trying to blackmail NeNe and I’m just hoping she showed up with some receipts.

Andy and Sheree take a phone call from Tyrone in jail. He claims, “NeNe used to stalk me. She was very aggressive.” Damn. Later in the trailer NeNe says, “Let’s just say it, I sucked his dick.” Who is that about? Is that an out-of-context soundbite or is NeNe actually referring to Tyrone?

Of course, Kim walks off the set, which everyone expected after NeNe yelled, “You are fucking trash” and Kandi screamed, “You’re sitting on the sidelines, watching us like a fucking fan.”

Cynthia Bailey was there as well. She just wasn’t screaming anything notable in the trailer. The regular season episodes haven’t even concluded yet and all I want is to see this reunion.

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[Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo]