Tinsley Mortimer Reacts To Luann de Lesseps’ Return To Rehab; Confirms She’s Back With Scott Kluth

It is so confusing to follow Tinsley Mortimer’s love life. One second she’s dating Scott Kluth. The next second they are on a break. Then they are on vacation together immediately after. The only consistent thing about their relationship status is the knowledge that their relationship status is very inconsistent.

Tinsley confirmed that she and Scott are back together during last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live. Of course she was asked about Luann de Lesseps– the originally intended guest for that episode- returning to rehab. She also shared some insight into the Bethenny Frankel, Carole Radziwill, Ramona Singer, and Red Scarf love square that started during last week’s speed dating episode.

If it seems like Andy Cohen polls the audience every week to ask if they’re on Carole’s side or Bethenny’s side it is because he actually does do that. Even though Tinsley is a card-carrying member of #TeamCarole, that did not sway the voters to side with her friend. 68% sided with Bethenny.

Speaking of Bethenny, Andy asked Tinsley, “Were you pissed when you heard that didn’t like the house?” She admitted, “I want everyone to have a good time in Cartagena. I love it. I thought the house was beautiful. So yeah, I was upset. I wanted people to have a good time and I thought the house was great.” Is it even a Real Housewives of New York trip if the women don’t complain about the accommodations? That’s pretty much expected at this point.

One trip that did go well was Tinsley’s recent European vacation with Scott. She did confirm that they are back together. Andy remarked, “It’s a roller coaster.” She emphasized, “We are back together. Everything’s great.”

Andy channeled his inner Sonja Morgan when he asked “Who pays for the $30,000 a month penthouse?” Tinsley admitted, “Scott pays for that.”

A viewer came through with some on point commentary and a follow-up question: “After seeing last week’s episode with Red Scarf, Bethenny, and Carole at speed dating and after this week’s episode if she feels that Carole was being a bit smug?”

During last week’s episode, it was clear that Red Scarf was all about Bethenny, Ramona got him a drink, and Carole didn’t even get a chance to connect with him. In a blog post that Bethenny wrote after that episode, she claimed that she’s the one who told Red Scarf to pursue Carole. This week, Carole is acting like Tom 2.0 chose her over Bethenny and Ramona. Whose version of the story is actually true?

After a long “Ummmmm” it was clear that Tinsley didn’t want to bad mouth Carole. She did end up responding with, “It’s you know… Brian with the red scarf- who became an issue between Ramona, Carole and Bethenny– he is still in contact with Carole. I don’t really know the full details of all of it. I know watching it, you see him talk to Bethenny and he’s chatting with Ramona. He’s still chatting with Carole. He sent her all the texts that Bethenny and he had with each other. So I don’t know….” Has he been chatting with Carole because Bethenny shot him down? Or is there more to it?

Andy teased, “We certainly went deep about it at the reunion yesterday.”

They couldn’t end that episode without asking Tinsley about Luann’s return to rehab. Tinsley told Andy, “Totally in shock because I was so proud of her for just everything after… I had a mug shot in Palm Beach too and I just turned it around. I felt like she was doing that. The cabaret show is just so amazing and I was just so proud of her and it’s just sad. I wish her the best and I hope that she can work everything out.”

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