Kristen Doute Vows To Take Down James Kennedy; Says He’s “Garbage” & “Another Kind Of Evil”

Unfortunately, Kristen Doute was exiled to the background last season on Vanderpump Rules. She was not in the season nearly as much as she should have been. However, there was one storyline that did make the cut. Jax Taylor told the rest of the cast that Kristen and her ex-boyfriend James Kennedy hooked up in Mexico. He cited some shuffled outdoor couch cushions as evidence.

Understandably, Kristen was livid, but so was James. Kristen is dating Brian Carter and James is in a relationship with Raquel Leviss. The last thing they wanted is a rumor like this, even if it was the front and center storyline. Well, maybe they didn’t mind having a storyline, at least a little bit. Now Kristen is on a mission to take down her most notorious ex.

In an interview with Daily Mail, the Pump Rules OG declared, “I love to take down the bad guy and I will stop at nothing, so sorry James Kennedy!’ I’m all for drama, but what is she planning to take him down for? Did he commit a brand new offense? Or is she just over him in general? I guess we will have to wait for Season 7 to find out.

Kristen confessed, “He is my target and I will continue to make him my target until all is well in the world.” She added, “Until girls are no longer called fat and bad names.” He should not body shame anyone. Ever. That’s for sure. Did he not learn anything from the Season 5 summer bodies fiasco?

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What’s Kristen’s issue with James? She cited, “Just the way that he treats human beings in general, I just think that he’s such garbage.” Garbage? That’s straight out to the Real Housewives of New Jersey handbook of insults.

Kristen continued, “He’s such a bad, bad person.” She shared, “There have been times where his stupidity and ego can be entertaining [on the show], but I feel like and I really hope that everyone changes their mind this season.” It does seem like most of the cast is against James these days. Of course, I base this solely on social media. Does this mean James will get less screen time next season? Or will the vitriol backfire and just get him more limelight?

Kristen thinks, “James digs so deep that he wants to hurt people, and that’s another kind of evil.” And that’s probably why he was cast on a reality TV show. Well, there’s that and the fact that he was dating Kristen. So thank you, Kristen.

Aside from hating on James, Kristen had some choice words about his relationship with Raquel. Kristen said, “I don’t know if she’s as dumb as I think she is, or if she just doesn’t care that James is a terribly lying cheating human who says horrible things to women.”

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Kristen concluded, “I just pray and I hope that viewers change their mind about him this season.” Out of all the things to use hope and prayer for, is taking down James really a top priority? Apparently so, and I’m ready to watch this attempt play out.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]