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Eva Marcille Says Kandi Burruss Was Shady To Porsha; Says Kandi Is Not “Concerned” About Porsha’s Love Life

Now that Eva Marcille is a full-time cast member on Real Housewives of Atlanta, she is doing the most. In all honesty, she’s both overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. Sure, she’s so shady, but it just feels so contrived. Her one-liners just don’t hit the mark like the barbs from more seasoned Housewives.

She’s just not a natural. Then again, who can be? Real Housewives has become a larger than life franchise. Even the people who don’t watch these shows are very much aware of it and some of the major storylines. It has to be tough to walk onto this show and “act natural.” Nevertheless, there have been plenty of rookie Housewives who slayed their first season. Eva just isn’t one of them.

Eva was a guest on last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live. As expected, she didn’t have as many ” clever lines” since she had to think on the spot with the live questions and all. It will be very interesting to see if she can hold her own during the reunion taping. Yes, she was there last season, but was only for a segment and she was super pregnant. No one was going to come for her. Don’t expect the same this season.

Andy Cohen asked Eva if Kandi Burruss was genuinely concerned for Porsha Williams’ well-being when she spilled the tea on Porsha’s new man Dennis McKinley. Eva said what most of us were thinking. She told Andy, “Kandi is definitely being shady. There’s no question about it.”

Then, Eva tried to clear her name after Shamari DeVoe was offended that Eva selected her as the cast member who needs a makeover. Is Shamari really that easily offended? People have said way worse on this show. In past seasons, women got accused of actual crimes, infidelity, racism, fake relationships, fake pregnancies, and more. Now, she’s up in arms because someone she just met isn’t into her outfit. She needs to get some perspective and be grateful that her “hazing” on this show isn’t bad so far.

Eva began, “For starters, we can put the whole makeover-gate to bed.” She continued, “If we watch that, NeNe [Leakes] got the question first and passed it to Porsha. Porsha passed it to me and then I passed it to Shamari. So how I became this big shady bug in the moment, I don’t know, but Kandi is being very messy.” Kandi is being messy. There’s no doubt about it, but so is Eva.

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Exhibit A, Eva has made countless digs about Cynthia Bailey’s age and modeling success. Meanwhile, Cynthia has been nothing but nice and welcoming up to this point. One of the viewers asked, “Why have you been so shady toward Cynthia this season?” Finally, someone called her out for this shit. Hopefully, Cynthia does the same in the near future.

Eva insisted, “I am not so shady toward Cynthia this season!” Really? Play those episodes back, Eva. Andy pointed out, “You’re not not shady.”

Eva attempted to explain explained, “Well, I don’t think that I’m shady toward Cynthia. I think it was the truth. If someone was calling me a vet, I would think that was an homage to me. I’ve never heard someone call someone a vet and that was a negative thing.” Hold up, Eva. It wasn’t what you said. It was the way you said it. Not only that, but the shade was aimed at Cynthia multiple times.

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The episode concluded with this viewer question: “What do you think about Shamari calling you a ‘plain Jane’?” Eva tried her best to get in a fake laugh. She followed up with a very predictable response. She said, “I think it’s laughable.” Of course, you do.

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