Andy Cohen Reacts To Danielle Staub’s Recent Engagement

Andy Cohen has a dream. A dream that one day, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks will meet a man. And that man… will be royalty, y’all. Thankfully, that long shot dream of Andy’s might be coming true. Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Danielle Staub is no Cinderella. She’s no Sleeping Beauty. When I think of Snow White, Danielle definitely does not come to mind. But for Andy, she might be his only hope for a Jersey fairy-tale. Unless being thrown in a pool counts as happily ever after.

On the heels of a divorce from ex-husband, Marty Caffery, Danielle has met another man, and this guy has an impressive title! No, it isn’t Most Gullible Person Alive, although that would probably apply. This new relationship is enough to give Andy hope that one day the often-engaged housewife will go from Prostitution Whore Danielle to Duchess Danielle.

Danielle has been engaged approximately 835 times. Each of them, without a doubt, the “one”. After a quickie marriage to Marty that played out last season on RHONJ, she has moved on. Enter new candidate, Oliver Maier. Excuse me, that’s Duke of Provence Oliver Maier, to us.

Andy recently spoke to Bravo’s The Daily Dish about Danielle’s newest sponsor fiance. “The Duchess Danielle story is a continuing story, changes every day, and I’m following it closely,” he said. Danielle and Oliver became engaged on February 28 in St. Barth. Apparently, the new couple met last October through mutual friends. Some think that could be code for “he cheated on his girlfriend” with Danielle.

Don’t start buying wedding gifts yet though, there may be trouble in fairy-tale paradise. Rumors were swirling that the engagement was off. Did Danielle’s two daughters, Christine and Jillian Staub feel some type of way about their mom getting married AGAIN? Did Oliver buy an engagement ring? Danielle put those questions to bed on social media and confirming they are still a couple.

Even though a wedding might not be imminent for the twosome, Andy’s hopes remain high for future ratings Danielle and Oliver. “I want her to have a ring and a castle. I think it would be the greatest ending to her story, that she went from Cop Without a Badge to being a duchess,” the Watch What Happens Live host stated.

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That would be…something. It must be safe to assume Oliver doesn’t read or own a television. If he did, and is of sound mind, surely he would have better decision-making skills. Right? I’m all for people getting a second chance at love, but hasn’t Danielle used all of her chances by now? And isn’t she, you know, kind of crazy particular about having her own way?

I wish we could all be as optimistic as Andy, “I just think it would be incredible. A true fairy-tale,” he said. What would be incredible is if Oliver is doing this voluntarily and not as the result of demonic spirit taking over his soul. The power of Christ compels you, Ollie!

In any event, I’m sure Danielle will keep viewers and Andy current on any plans to walk down the aisle. Duchess Beverly Danielle Maher Staub Caffrey Maier of Provence, has quite a ring to it.

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Good luck, Danielle and blink twice if you need an exorcism, Oliver!


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]