Melissa Gorga Says Danielle Staub Has An “Obsession” With Teresa Giudice

The two-season peace between Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice has come to an end. During the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast trip, Melissa yelled, “This one has you going in circles” at Teresa. Of course, “this one” that she was referring to is none other than Danielle Staub. The fact that these two managed to become allies best friends after table flipping and a chase through a country club is mindblowing to fans.

Not only that, but Danielle’s bridezilla antics and below the belt insults aimed at Margaret Josephs were tough to support. Well, tough for everyone except Teresa. Nowadays, Danielle can do no wrong in Teresa’s eyes. And vice versa.

During an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, Melissa discussed the reunion with guest host Heather McDonald. Melissa admitted, “I felt a little sucker punched that day, but we’re family. We’re sisters-in-law. This happens. I kept saying ‘What’s the matter? What’s wrong?’ And she didn’t tell me any of this was bothering her before we got to the reunion. So, that annoyed me.”

Why was Teresa so bothered? Melissa theorized, “I guess because I see Jackie [Goldschneider]’s point of view. And that bothered her.” Then Melissa explained, “But you know what, Jackie was defending me on a lot of the stuff that she said. How could I not back up Jackie who’s defending me?”

She emphasized, “How could I yell at Jackie for backing me up? It doesn’t make any sense.” Heather shared, “I think there’s still this jealousy with ‘you got on my show.'” And Melissa responded, “You might be right about that.”

Melissa ranted, “Honestly, I think I’m just sick of the double standards. I’m done. What’s good for you is good for me. I have like grown up. I have a backbone. I’m going to defend myself. I’m done taking crap. From anyone.” And why would she? She has two loyal soldiers by her side. Not only that, but Melissa’s team is a pretty articulate one at that. No shade to the other reunion couch… but shade to the other reunion couch.

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Heather asked the major question of the moment: “What do you think will happen with her and Joe [Giudice] when Joe gets deported?” Unfortunately, Heather did not mention those pictures of Teresa holding fans with a 26-year-old. You know, the one who was just “helping Teresa walk to her car.” As if Teresa isn’t a pro at walking in a pair of heels at this point.

Melissa answered, “That’s so touchy because of the girls. There’s kids. Nobody wishes that. We’re all praying for that. Hopefully, that turns around. It’s not over yet. The final answer is not here yet. So, we’ll see what happens.”

And then, they discussed the questionable blind loyalty between Teresa and Danielle. Melissa declared, “Well, Danielle has this like new obsession with Teresa. Everything Teresa says is right. Anything Teresa says, she’s gonna back her up. And Teresa is a ‘yes’ person. The more you ‘yes’ her, the more you’re in. So, these two are together.”

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