NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes Gives An Update On Her Relationship Status With Gregg Leakes

There was a one-woman wrecking crew on Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11, and her name was NeNe Leakes. She struggled with husband Gregg Leakes’  colon cancer diagnosis and his grouchiness. She torpedoed her long-time friendship with co-star Cynthia Bailey after Cynthia didn’t notify NeNe that RHOA alum Kenya Moore may be coming to Cynthia’s wine cooler launch. NeNe even called a pregnant Kenya “a monster.”

When NeNe held her “Bye Wig” party, guests Kandi Burruss and pregnant Porsha Williams disobeyed NeNe and went into NeNe’s closet. An enraged Nene yanked a cameraman out of the closet, ripping his shirt. There is also some controversy over whether NeNe pulled off Porsha’s belt.

But NeNe’s co-stars were not the only victims people affected by NeNe’s wrath. NeNe confided in Cynthia at Eva Marcille’s wedding that she and Gregg might be heading down the road to separating…again.  NeNe wondered if perhaps Gregg was diagnosed with colon cancer as “karma” for cheating on her. That is low–even for NeNe. Poor Gregg even took to Instagram to apologize to his wife for his bad behavior. I am still surprised at how NeNe managed to turn her husband’s cancer battle into a story where she is the victim.

Now NeNe is finally sharing some good news about Gregg’s health, and her marriage. In an article on HollywoodLife, NeNe chatted about her husband’s health at the Associates For Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies Mother’s Day Brunch on May 9, where NeNe received the Woman’s Achievement Award. “Gregg is doing really well. He did a PET scan a couple of days ago. Next week he will get the results to see if he has cancer in his body — has it spread, does he need more chemo?”

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On April 3, Gregg finished his chemotherapy treatment. “I’m pretty sure that Gregg is going to be good. I just can see it. When I look at him, it’s like, ‘You look great! You’re going to be fine. You look amazing!’” NeNe explained.  In fact, Gregg was feeling so good that he was ready to celebrate the end of his six months of treatment. NeNe shared that, “He rang the bell or he hit the gong and he wanted to have a party so we had a party at our house for him.” NeNe described the get-together as “like an old school kitchen party” and it was a “really good time.”

NeNe also reported some hopeful news about her marriage. “We’re doing good. We hope to be doing great, but we’re doing good,” the reality star said. “We actually stepped into a therapy for the cancer — a therapist,” NeNe added. “It’s been really helpful,” she said of the therapy sessions. “Gregg was absent from our marriage for almost a year, so it was a lot.” NeNe and Gregg were married in 1997. In 2011 they separated. The couple divorced but remarried in 2013.

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NeNe was her husband’s primary caregiver, but she also received support from Gregg’s friends and a community on-line. “All of Gregg’s guy friends — I was really proud of how they stepped up. We had a lot support,” NeNe stated. NeNe also received love from Bravo viewers who were caretakers and could understand NeNe’s struggles.

NeNe may be laughing all the way to the bank if the rumors about her Season 12 paycheck are true. It is being reported that Bravo is showering NeNe with love (and cash) to the tune of $2.85 million so that she can continue to shade and verbally abuse her RHOA co-stars.  Hopefully, Gregg can stay out of that category next season!


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