Vicki Gunvalson & Kelly Dodd React To Meghan Edmonds’ Husband Jim Edmonds Leaked Sexts

You knew this was coming. Now that former Real Housewives of Orange County star, Meghan Edmonds, has been publicly humiliated by her husband, the flood gates have opened. Cheating is old news for a lot of the ladies on RHOC, so obviously they feel justified in sharing their thoughts on Jim Edmonds’ salacious ways. Shannon Beador has certainly been down this road. Vicki Gunvalson is not new to relations outside the sanctity of marriage. And who cares knows what skeletons are hiding in Tamra Judge’s closet.

While Meghan is licking her wounds and attempting to heal after Jimbo’s extra-curricular activities, comments are pouring in to show support for the mom of three. The poster boy for dad jeans is defending the HIGHLY inappropriate texts he sent to some woman while his wife gave birth. Jim denies he had physical contact with her, as if that is his one saving grace of innocence. After a heartfelt blog post on her personal feelings, some of Meghan’s former co-stars are weighing in on the scandal.

Kelly Dodd is crowing from the rooftops today because she called it. Kelly must have some available time because she felt the need to comment on various social media pages, as the news of Jim’s infidelity broke. iRealHousewives shared screenshots of Kelly’s lack of humanity comments on Instagram. “This is old news ..I said this on the reunion years ago,” Kelly wrote. Oh, well goody two shoes for you! Isn’t that nice, that she was right about a family unit imploding.

A commenter responded to Kelly and pointed out her lack of compassion for Meg. She replied, “I do have compassion .. did she have compassion for me at the reunion and write nasty awful things to me.. she is staying with him what’s the problem?” What a fun game. Instead of trying to rustle up some sympathy, Kelly has decided to play “but she did it to me first”. What an adult thing to do.

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Fans started going in on Kelly and she actually started defending her words. “NO, he did this to her the first time around.. Do you know her?? Or me? Because I don’t know you,” was her retort to one commenter. When a reader shared, “Regardless, there is something to be said for not kicking someone when they are down. As someone who used to be a friend, a little compassion goes a long way.”

Kelly fired back with, “She [Meghan] was never my friend.” Right. She was never your friend. Not in Ireland when Kelly literally had everyone hating her. As a newly pregnant Meghan listened to her sob over and over about how she had no allies on the trip. But okay, Meghan was never really Kelly’s friend.

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Enter Vicki. Vicki the OG. Vicki who never enjoyed Meg after she uncovered a massive cancer scam with Vick’s ex-beau Crooks Ayers. Vicki who point blank told Jimmy Pants to “talk to her in four years when he’s divorced” again. The same Vicki who causes the snark to flow from my fingers, said something nice. When Meghan tweeted her painfully honest blog post, Vicki responded with her own tweet. “I’m so sorry. You are right, YOU did not deserve this.”

Let’s all have a moment of silence (and appreciation) for Vicki’s tenderness. While Vicki and Meghan had a stormy (at best) relationship during Meg’s tenure on RHOC, Vicki did seem genuinely concerned over this recent revelation. Does Vick have a heart or she is struggling to retain a fan base after her status on the show was questioned? Either way, it was pleasant to see Vicki opt for the kind route, unlike Kelly.

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What lies ahead for Meghan and her family is currently unknown. She continues to struggle to come to terms with Jim Bob’s embarrassing and indefensible actions. Surely there will be more comments of support headed Meghan’s way, along with advice from the armchair marriage counselors. As for the husband, well, Jimmy crack corn and we don’t care.


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