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Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Opening Old Wounds

THAT MICHAEL DARBY ENDING LAST WEEK THOUGH. I’m still shook from that unseen production footage. The Real Housewives of Potomac are DELIVERING this season in every way possible. So good. The footage they showed was so damaging to his and Ashley Darby’s credibility. I don’t think anyone believes his version of events at this point.

Can we also talk about Michael Darby’s somewhat obsession with Juan Dixon? Robyn Dixon isn’t saying it, but we all know “THE COMMENT” was about Juan. Her silence is speaking volumes. Monique Samuels is still Ashley’s only ally right now, which is straining her friendship with Candiace Dillard. Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant are being messy with this situation, but they have every right to be. Karma anyone?

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Opening Old Wounds

Gizelle invites Ashley to her home as some sort of an olive branch. She feels bad about how Ashley received certain comments at Juan’s birthday bash.

Gizelle was just being honest because Ashley does walk around constantly like everything is no big deal. Why would any of the ladies take things seriously, when Ashley is grinning ear to ear? Girl, stop playing.

Way too many things keep happening involving Michael for ALL of it to be false. SOMETHING has to be true. Right?

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Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Opening Old Wounds

Candiace and Chris Bassett are house hunting, and they’re specifically looking for a house that has room for her mom. If my mom treated me like her mom does, she would ALWAYS find herself in a hotel across town.

She wants a house that is over two million dollars and Chris is not feeling it. She has massive dreams and that’s cute. However, she needs a dose of reality ASAP.

Candiace has a trust fund, but she doesn’t know any details about it. She doesn’t want to ask either. That doesn’t make any sense. Who has a trust fund and doesn’t have any clue what it entails? Okay, Candiace.

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Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Opening Old Wounds

Ashley and Robyn arrive at Gizelle’s new property and Robyn immediately has to pee. Gizelle has no clue if the house has any active running water and I love that for Robyn for taking the chance. That’s hilarious.

Gizelle discusses how she finally gained the confidence to take on a house like this, and she’s such a boss. Messy or not, I love how much she thrives in business and with her family.

They tell Ashley about Katie Rost’s and all of America’s insinuation that Michael is gay. Obviously, this doesn’t sit well with Ashley.

This also leads to Ashley telling them about Monique showing her the texts on her phone. That is SO shady that Monique did that. Candiace was probably wrong, and I love Monique, but come on.

Gizelle says she wants nothing to do with Monique after this. It probably feels like a violation of privacy on so many levels. Although, we all screenshot texts all the time, so simmer down, Gizelle.

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Opening Old Wounds

Karen gathers her kids for a family dinner which is nice given her recent family tragedies. Her fragrance line is thriving and her kids are proud of her success.

I love seeing this side of Karen. Messy Karen is fun, but sometimes it’s easy to forget these women are real people with real lives.

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Opening Old Wounds

Ashley and Michael are relieved to have the lawsuit behind them. The charges have been dropped, and he’s happy to get his business dealings back on track.

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Michael is unhappy with the women because they weren’t supportive of what Ashley was going through. He feels that if they don’t support them as a couple, they don’t support her. It’s a package deal. It’s hard to support someone who is always in some scandal though.

She lets Michael know that she is traveling to see her father. He doesn’t think it’s a good choice, especially with her mom joining her. She defends the idea to him and gets him to come around to the idea.

Ashley breaks down while discussing how her dad blocked her on social media. She reaches out to her aunt on her father’s side that she hasn’t seen in over ten years. That’ll be a nice family moment to have.

However, it will be difficult to deal with her father not wanting to interact with her. Her aunt reveals that her father hasn’t spoken to her since 2011, and she agrees to go with her. This could end badly for all involved.

Closure is important, but Ashley needs to brace herself for heartbreak. There is a high chance this won’t go the way she’s hoping. You can’t make someone love you if they don’t want to. It hurts, but sometimes it’s the reality.

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Opening Old Wounds

Monique is being extra cautious with this pregnancy. Her water could break at any moment, so she has to be prepared.

She yells for Chris Samuels‘ attention, and it takes a few minutes for him to hear. Monique thinks her water broke, but she feels like it’s too soon. There are so many things that can go wrong if the baby comes too early.

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She suffered a miscarriage before this pregnancy, so I’m sure her mind is racing. A litany of worst-case scenario thoughts is probably plaguing her.

OH MY GOD. Monique was faking the water breaking to prank her husband. He called 911 and everything. Poor guy. She says she did this to prove a point about them being unprepared for the moment it happens. It was chaos and they need to be more ready for the baby’s arrival than that.

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Opening Old Wounds

Candiace attends a gala with her mother. Her mom is still unhinged to me, but I’m all for faking it until you make it.

Gizelle asks how therapy is going and Candiace’s mom calls her a brat. She takes every opening she can to throw shade at her and jab.

Therapy is working for Candiace, but her mom is still employing the same tactics as before. How is this woman a therapist?

Nobody knows what the gala is about or what it’s for. They’re there to support Katie, but everyone’s clueless. Katie HAS A NEW WIG. Praise all things that are good in this world. I’m loving the much-needed change in hairstyles.

Katie also has no idea what the gala is for. She invited everyone there and has not one clue what’s happening. Katie is such a legend.

Katie’s man spills some tea about Michael, and it’s different coming from the source himself. The ladies all throw their shade, but it feels slightly more serious when their men get involved. It might be because they aren’t usually in on the drama fully.

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Gizelle says she believes all of the accusations against Michael and that “it’s not cool”. There are far too many patterns when it comes to Michael for none of it to be true. Come on man. Just be open and honest. If there is an arrangement JUST OWN IT.

In typical Gizelle fashion, she shares some tea about Monique. They tell Candiace that Monique threw her under the bus. These women look so thirsty to attack Monique here. They were visibly relishing in making Monique look bad here.

Candiace doesn’t want to believe any of it, but she thinks it’s probably true. It feels like maybe Monique is covering for Ashley with the camera situation. If she is, that would explain her newfound best friendship with Ashley.

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Opening Old Wounds

Ashley arrives in Georgia to seek out her father. I’m hoping this goes well for her. I know what it’s like to randomly show up at your estranged parent’s home and be nervous for their reaction. It’s one of the craziest feelings in the world. I never thought I’d relate to Ashley, but here we are.

Ashley says she is doing this for her future child. Closure is probably the most likely outcome here. I don’t think a full-fledged relationship is going to come out of this.

She formulates a game plan for showing up at her father’s house. Here we go. She’s almost there, and this moment could change her life forever.

THIS IS IT. Will Ashley’s father be receptive to her? Or will he shut her out entirely The moment of truth has arrived.


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