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James Kennedy Says He Has An Upper Hand On Vanderpump Rules Costars Now That He’s Sober

Most of the Vanderpump Rules cast members have been accused of partying too much throughout the show’s seven seasons. But, no one has been in the hotseat more than the self-proclaimed White Kanye, aka James Kennedy.

He’s “stopped drinking” a few times, but as of this moment, the British DJ is two months sober. But, wait. Didn’t filming for Season 8 just wrap up? Doesn’t this mean that he was only sober for the tail end the season? Or did he make this decision after filming concluded? While, the timing is a little bit murky, James seems to have a clear outlook on the situation.

In an interview with HollywoodLife, James remarked, “I’ve playing shows sober which is something I’ve never done and it’s a true rush feeling; my true emotions and feelings. It’s definitely a new high for me, I love it.”

He was also asked why he decided to get sober this time around. James began, “That’s the big question I get asked, like something big that prompted. Nothing really. Other than a long stream of events that’s just been with me through the show and everything.”

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He continued, “Like partying, the lifestyle here in Hollywood, I got sucked into it and I think it’s good to re-evaluate sometimes, take a step back.” And he’s pretty much done with those passes from Lisa Vanderpump. How many “second chances” can that woman give him? Some actual change is definitely needed.

And now, it seems like James sees the benefits of sobriety during filming. He said, “I know everyone’s drinking in here, but I feel like I’ve got an upper hand now that I’m sober, I’m one step ahead of the game and no one can stop me.”

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Plus he can actually remember what happened in previous scenes. Which is an asset that he could have used during previous storylines, i.e. when Jax Taylor claimed that James admitted to hooking up with Kristen Doute in Mexico. Even James had no idea what he actually said, regardless of what they did or didn’t do. And regardless of the pillow placement on the porch.

James isn’t the only sober cast member on Vanderpump Rules. His on-again-off-again friend Lala Kent revealed that she is an alcoholic and stopped drinking after Season 7 concluded. Season 8 will be her first sober season of the show. Maybe they will bond over this and rekindle their long lost friendship? Or will James say something else about Randall Emmett and screw things up for the millionth time?

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