Lisa Vanderpump On Why She Gives James Kennedy So Many Chances

Love him or hate him, James Kennedy gave Vanderpump Rules a much needed boost of drama this season. He came in strong when he rapped in front of Brittany Cartwright about Jax Taylor hooking up with Faith Stowers. Then he went one step too far when he fat shamed Katie Maloney. Lisa Vanderpump wanted none of it and fired James from SUR. 

Because Lisa has rehired him before, James spent the rest of the season trying to get his job back. He even apologized to Brittany, Jax and Tom Schwartz regarding his behavior. But it wasn’t good enough. Most of the cast turned on him, and he didn’t get his job back. If Lisa gave James so many chances before, why isn’t she giving him one now?

In a video interview for the Vanderpump Rules After Show, Lisa sat down with Katie and Brittany to discuss why she gave James so many chances in the past. Lisa said, “I think SUR represents not just a job to James. I think it represents being part of that family and that inclusion. And I have made a lot of allowances for him, but I think that’s why when he’s been let go he does feel rejected.”

She continued, “Maybe I’m one of the only people that really does see a lot of good in him. I really do. You see him supporting his brother, you see how he’s had to deal with family dynamic.” Katie had no sympathy. While Lisa was talking, she was shaking her head and rolling her eyes the whole time. She’s so mature.

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Speaking of James’ family dynamic, James sat down with Scheana Marie to discuss the awkward scene when his mother, Jacqueline Georgiou, told Lisa she was James’ mother figure instead of herself. He said, “It’s really painful to watch, like you know, the thought that other people might be watching this and thinking that my mom wasn’t an amazing stand-up mother.”

Sorry James, but it’s not just that one scene. It was hard to watch Jacqueline pout like a child when James told her she had to explain why she needed hundreds of dollars from him every week. Her response was to yell at him that he went to an expensive school, wore designer clothes, and walked his first steps inside a Tiffany’s. #amazingstandupmother

Brittany then shared her two cents on James. She said, “I’ve been going through stuff with my family that I do not take out on other people. And by no means would I ever allow something I’m going through back home to be the reason why it’s ok for me to treat other people like shit.” Uh…shouldn’t this also apply to Lala Kent? Why is she getting a pass? The PJ wasn’t that impressive.

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Lisa defended herself. She said, “I’m not saying it’s an excuse for him to treat other people badly…What I am saying is there are good aspects of his character, he’s not all bad because we see that.” Which is exactly why, despite his behavior, a lot of viewers are Team James.

Brittany shared, “I even saw good things in James before all this happened. I was like he’s really funny, like he would make me laugh… but then things took a turn and it went downhill from there.” I think that’s pretty big of her to admit that. Too bad she’s not as woke regarding her future ex-husband Jax. 

Lisa responded, “I do think he has very good aspects of his character. And I think that the drink to James Kennedy is the demon.” Looks like until James goes sober, Lisa won’t be giving him any more chances. 

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