Dorit Kemsley High School Graduation

Dorit Kemsley Shares Old Photo; Fans Question Her About Plastic Surgeries

Dorit Kemsley has been in the news a lot lately. Perhaps for all the wrong reasons. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has been involved in some financial battles. The dark clouds of litigation have been following Dorit and her husband PK for quite some time. But that hasn’t stopped the couple’s social media presence! Dorit often shares photos of her children or the destination of luxurious vacations. She captures different glam looks and documents them for her fans. What we don’t see often from Dorit are photos from her childhood.

I love it when celebrities share personal photos from their youth. There’s something about seeing one of your faves during their awkward teen years. With a mouth full of metal and eyes not yet jaded by the bitter glare of fame. Sometimes transformations from high school to adulthood are mind-blowing. I can barely recognize some folks I grew up with. It’s always fun having a person shout your name in the grocery store, while you stand there not knowing who they are… Recently Dorit took the plunge and shared a rare pic from over 20 years ago. A graduation photo, sans glam and bejeweled hair clips. It’s safe to say, Dorit’s metamorphosis is nothing short of amazing – but her followers thought something else entirely.

During the RHOBH Season 9 reunion, Dorit responded to questions regarding plastic surgery. She has always maintained her face has never gone under the knife, but she isn’t averse to using Botox and fillers. Dorit claims makeup can do wonders, and she is absolutely right. So can a little thing like changing hair color or losing a couple of pounds.  Dorit also makes no bones about the fact that she probably has more wigs and weaves than years of her life. I’m not sure we’ve ever seen Dorit’s real head of hair, until now that is.

In a recent Instagram post, Dorit shared a photo from her high school graduation, 25 years ago. She captioned the throwback, “High school graduation. June 1994. I remember feeling like the world was mine to explore. #25YearsAgo” THAT HAIR! That long, luxurious, thick, curly hair!

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Yeah, obviously Dorit has changed. The 90’s were a trying time, okay? We didn’t have a lot to work with outside of butterfly clips and sticky MAC lipglass. I think she looks fine, she simply isn’t wearing a rented $7500 deconstructed couture dress and 50 lbs. of make-up. Fans of her account started going apeshit.

One person shared, “You look like a completely different person.” She does. I also look completely different from 1994, thank goodness. Another eagle-eyed commenter wrote, “Wow you’ve had a nose job. But a good one.” Also, contouring is a thing. These days it’s more difficult to spot plastic surgery results versus damn good makeup. People were really focused on the plastic surgery possibility. “You literally look like a different person!!! The power of plastic surgery,” another commenter shared.

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This certainly isn’t Dorit’s first foray with surgery quips. Lisa Vanderpump was jokingly questioned about Dorit being the recipient of a face transplant during her infamous lie detector test. Look, at this point, Dorit’s bank balance is public knowledge. Not sure why she wouldn’t cop to plastic surgery procedures.  If you glance at pics of Dorit’s mom on social media, you’ll see the obvious, they are basically twins. So I guess I’m missing what all the fuss is about.

At any rate, Dorit didn’t seem too bothered by some of the more blunt comments. Of course, she does have other things to worry about these days. Could be why Dorit is still around. She’s been there, done that, and ran out of shits to give in 1994. I can’t be mad at that.

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