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Dorit Kemsley Threatened With Jail If She Does Not Show Up To Court!

Just because Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has wrapped for the season it doesn’t mean legal troubles disappear! Dorit and PK Kemsley have been embroiled in a battle behind the scenes. But this isn’t their first trip to court for financial issues. For quite some time, the Bellagio Hotel and Casino was after PK for $3.6 million in unpaid debts. Fortunately, the Bellagio called Fofty settled with the Kemsleys in May of this year.

That wasn’t the only case Dorit and PK were hiding dealing with. Beverly Beach by Dorit was under scrutiny by Dorit’s business partner, Ryan Horne. He claimed 1/3 ownership of the swimwear company and sued Dorit for $205,000. Gosh, these two have been busy not paying people, BUT LET’S TALK ABOUT THE DOG. The monetary troubles don’t end there, my friends. PK also owes mad dollars to someone else. Nico Kirzis loaned the British producer $1.2 million about eight years ago. Despite filing for bankruptcy and moving to another country, the debt remained unpaid. In September, Dorit is expected to answer to the claims against them. Now a warning has been issued. If Dorit doesn’t show up to court, she could find herself the new fit model for LA County jumpsuits.

Right now, Dorit is probably doing a Google search for an orange, one-piece Alexander McQueen number. Just in case. While it is doubtful Dorit will actually wind up behind bars, her legal troubles have certainly progressed. As Dorit and PK continue to deny any budgeting distress, it hasn’t stopped a judge from freezing their bank accounts until a hearing next month. Oh I’m sorry, Dorit actually froze her own account – because apparently that’s a thing. But now their attendance comes with a cautionary note.

According to Us Weekly, paperwork addressed to Dorit read, “If you [Dorit] fail to appear at the time and place specified in this order, you may be subject to arrest and punishment for contempt of court, and the court may make an order requiring you to pay the reasonable attorney fees incurred by the judgment creditor in this proceeding.” Jaggy, Jaggy, they want mummy to pay a fee…

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The hearing is in regards to Nicos Kirzis declaring he loaned PK $1.2 million eight years prior, and had not yet been paid back. Mr. Kirzis claimed PK has only paid $250,000. The remaining balance stands at $1,235,573.66. That roughly works out to 86 wigs, 14 fake Birkins, Kyle Richards’ new smile, and 5 minutes of fuel for helicopter transport.

Yikes, this has certainly taken a turn for the nasty. I hope Dorit has resolved any previous issues with late arrivals. Where is Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave? We need an accountability coach, STAT.

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Dorit has been dodging inquiries regarding her fiscal tribulations since she’s been with PK after Camille Grammer insinuated Dorit is a phony. Fans of RHOBH already knew about Dorit and PK’s wallet problems.

Viewers also had the 411 on the pending fraud case Kyle’s husband is fighting. We might not have seen much of Tom Girardi this season, but he was in court too. Erika Jayne’s husband recently settled a $16 million suit of his own. Nothing to see here but #puppygate…

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Perhaps Dorit should implement a GoFundMe to buy a reliable alarm clock. If she addresses this recent development, Dorit will probably tell us it’s a misunderstanding or clerical error.

It remains to be seen if RHOBH and Love After Lockup will do a crossover episode. But one thing is for sure, if Dorit doesn’t show up to court, she’ll be spelling out Not Guilty in cubic zirconia hair clips.

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