Judge Shuts Down PK Kemsley’s Attempt To Block Dorit Kemsley From Testifying

Another day, another court date for Dorit and PK Kemsley. Wow, these two are really going through it. You have to wonder if Dorit regrets her decision to join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Having your messy debts out there for the world to see is highly embarrassing. Funny thing is, most of Dorit’s money drama might have been overlooked if she hadn’t brought SO MUCH ATTENTION to herself last season. Looks like another long-awaited cast member is making an appearance next year. Our good friend Karma will now be holding a diamond!

PK and Dorit are not inherently horrible people. Except for that whole dog thing that no one remembers… But the couple might have some financial concerns they need to address. As they carefully hid behind an invisible curtain of deflection, PK and Dorit have been on a continuous journey – to court. First there was the Bellagio. After that was finally settled, things from PK’s past began to haunt him. Much of it curiously remained hidden from filming cameras and nosy co-stars. Now PK and Dorit are both dealing with a loan from 2011. It’s public knowledge now and by all accounts, it’s not going well.

Yesterday we told you PK basically ran to court in an effort to prevent Dorit from having her finances examined in the $1.2 million lawsuit brought on by Nicos Kirzis. About 8 years ago, Nicos thought he was doing PK a solid by loaning him a great deal of moolah. But go figure, Nicos wants his money back. How rude! Needless to say, PK feels a bankruptcy he filed in England should have erased this debt. Now we have to wait and see if the courts agree with him.

Nicos isn’t exactly sitting on his hands waiting for an answer. His continued quest for repayment has resulted in several setbacks for PK and Dorit. As you know, Dorit’s bank account is frozen until a judge releases the funds. Both PK and Dorit have been ordered to reveal their finances. PK’s last-ditch appeal to relieve Dorit from testifying has been given a thank u, next from the judge.

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According to documents obtained by The Blast, PK was shut down by a judge in his attempt to block Dorit from giving testimony. On September 3, a Los Angeles courts denied PK’s motion, as part of the lawsuit brought by Nicos. PK recently filed papers denying the $1.2 million payback to the lender. PK pleaded with the judge to not make Dorit show up to court, but the judge wants to see Dorit’s court #OOTD and said no.

In January, PK and Dorit were hit with an ALLEGED $1 million in back taxes. Two federal tax liens over unpaid tax bills have been filed by the IRS. The first was filed on both Dorit and PK for unpaid 2015 taxes totaling $635,887.23. The second was for just PK and accuses failure to pay $289,423.67 for 2014 and 2016. The slam dunk total of the debt for both liens comes to $925,310.90.

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You know what this means! Now Dorit will be expected to show up in her finest McQueen by Judge Judy ensemble and be prepared to answer questions regarding her income. She will also have to provide detailed reports of spending. Let’s all take a moment and send good vibes to the stenographer assigned to this case. Tomorrow is the scheduled date, and I will be glued to the internet unless a volcano emerges from my floor. Hang in there, Dorit and PK. On the bright side, maybe you will run into friends at the courthouse!

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