Report: PK & Dorit Kemsley’s New House Is A Rental; Couple Did Not Buy Home!

OH DORIT! We’re gathered here today, not to mourn, but to celebrate what once was. Dorit Kemsley fell into our laps on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills amid a flurry of strange accents and purchased hair. Dorit and husband PK  wowed viewers with their fancy cars and upscale home. Their flashy European lifestyle and famous 30 years ago houseguests gave fans a glimpse into their jetset existence. Friends of legitimately rich Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd, the couple threw lavish parties, had designer wardrobes, and shared lessons in stirring the pot.

Then things got kind of sketchy. A slight hum on the rumor mill about the state of PK’s checkbook turned into a roar once his debt reached the million dollar mark. Gasp! How could this be? Dorit drives a rose-gold Bentley! As fear turned to reality, Dorit and PK did the only thing they could to throw the media off the scent of their negative account balance financial issues. Let’s replace one scandal with an even bigger scandal! Legend has it, this is how #puppygate was born… And now, despite the denials and facade… The hours of deflecting and legal bills increasing… Now we’ve reached the denouement. Friends, it’s with a heavy heart I give you this news. Dorit and PK, once the flashiest new additions to the RHOBH family, did not actually purchase their new house. Let’s bow our heads and chuckle to ourselves offer thoughts and prayers.

The bigger they come, the harder they fall! Or maybe it’s the bigger the denial, the more Karma slaps you sideways. It looks like Dorit and PK are suffering the ultimate humiliation. It was recently reported the couple were on the road to a brand new home. Located in Encino (Encino??) and down the street from  Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umanksy, the $6.4 million “trendy farmhouse” was not purchased. It’s a… RENTAL. Does the revenge of Lisa V. know no boundaries? Release the curse, Lisa!

Radar Online shared this excerpt from the The Real Housewife of the Westside podcast: “the home is owned by a wealthy Los Angeles person who also owns three other properties on the same street. Variety reported it is brand-new and is a luxurious modern farmhouse style. But they are only renting and not buying.”

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I cannot tell you the second-hand embarrassment I am suffering, just writing this article. Poor Dorit. And I mean that literally, poor Dorit.

The podcast also shared, “Dorit and PK’s new rental mansion is in the hills of Encino, a more desirable location than Kyle’s home that is closer to Ventura Boulevard. ‘You can probably hear traffic at Kyle’s house.'” Oh my, was that a dig directed towards Kyle’s palatial estate? How DARE someone make disparaging remarks about Kyle and Mauricio’s oasis of splendor? The ability to provide their friends with traffic reports can only be seen as a blessing!

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I know we are all on the verge of collapse after this surprising revelation. It seems only Camille Grammer and the rest of the world had an inkling things might be this bad for the couple we have come to know and love. Now, as Dorit and PK’s non-existent checking account lives amongst the frozen tundra of  Erika Jayne’s icy exterior, the couple are expected in court on September 5.

But that’s okay because all of their friends will be there too! Now under the threat of downsizing from 5,000 square feet to a modest 6 x 8 with bars, we’ll have to wait to see what happens next in the continuing downfall saga of Dorit and PK.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]