Dorit Kemsley & PK Kemsley

PK & Dorit Kemsley’s Bank Account Has Been Frozen!

Brrrrrr, it’s cold in here y’all! I know we’re enjoying the benefits of summer, but one couple is in the midst of a cold snap. At their bank, that is. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Dorit Kemsley, has been defending herself a lot. Whether it was denying mistreating a dog, claiming to be a victim of Lisa Vanderpump’s personal vendetta, or disputing sketchy financial allegations from co-star Camille Grammer, Dorit has been busy.

Her problems with LVP were solved when the veteran cast member jumped ship. Lisa has ridden off into the sunset on a pink cloud of cash and rescue pups. Unfortunately, Lisa exiting stage left didn’t handle Dorit and PK’s many financial burdens. Dorit desperately tries to maintain an image of haute couture and class. Her accent could easily give the illusion she was raised in high society cliques of England, and not Yonkers Connecticut. Now, despite the show that Dorit puts on, the facade is failing. It looks like she might have to answer for her husband’s legal troubles once and for all.

Only one person dared to bring anyone’s financial shame into the spotlight. Thank you, Camille Donatucci Grammer Meyer 007! Camille did what other Housewives rarely do, called someone out directly to their face. When Cammy questioned Dorit about her husband’s legal issues, Dorit went right back into defense mode. Now it looks like Dorit might need to get some new cubic zirconia hair clips. But instead of saying words like “Dripping” or “Boss”, they will have to say, “Broke” and “Poor House”.

According to Us Weekly, Dorit and PK’s bank account is as cold as my heart. THE HORROR! Documents show a Los Angeles judge “ordered that the pair’s account remain untouched until a court hearing in September.” This is the lawsuit involving Nico Kirzis. “Kirzis claims to have loaned the Bravo star more than $1.2 million eight years prior.” Whoops! But, but, I thought this was an “old” debt! Even old debts need to get paid.

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After Camille outed PK’s dodgy account balance, he went to social media to set the record straight. PK posted a meme that read, “I create. I take risks. I live my passion. I am an entrepreneur.” “In answer to the multiple questions about what I do …. this is what I do,” he wrote. Friend and shady businessman Maurico Umansky commented, “And you do it well.” He sure did, but now he can’t even use an ATM card to put fuel in his wife’s leased Bentley.

Now we have a storyline! The exact one that Dorit tried to avoid all season. Instead, RHOBH focused on one thing. Viewers were beat about the head and face with #puppygate. But the real stories were going on in court. Kyle Richards’ husband Mauricio has been accused of fraud, with a $32 million lawsuit over a Malibu mansion. Erika Jayne’s husband, Tom Girardi, is under suspicion of using $15 million to fund his and Erika’s Pretty Mess Tour “lavish lifestyle”. Rather than focusing on these issues and risk public humiliation over bad business, instead the spotlight was on a dog. Coincidence?

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Dorit is also dealing with a lawsuit over her bathing suit company, Beverly Beach by Dorit. She counter-sued Ryan Horne, after he claimed he loaned the “designer” $205,000 in 2017. Dorit negates these claims and says Ryan was only a vendor for her company. Both parties were ordered to mediation by a judge in January.

For now, Dorit and PK will have to borrow money from Boy George. Nico Kirzis wants his loan repaid and doesn’t seem to be backing down. It is unknown if Nico has taken collection advice from Fofty Cent. As for Dorit and PK, you know what they say – Karma’s a bitch. Karma must also be a dog lover.

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