PK & Dorit talk Pantygate

PK Kemsley Wants To Block Dorit Kemsley From Testifying In Court

Who needs Eileen Davidson when we have Dorit Kemsley giving us actual soap opera-style drama? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star provides viewers with everything they need. Glamorous rented wardrobe? Check! Palatial estate? Kind of! Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous? Sure, if it’s 1989! My point is, Dorit deserves to be on this show. Honestly, who cares if they all live in Encino outside of Beverly Hills?

In the past, Dorit and husband PK, have been accused of stirring the pot. They have gone up against the likes of Lisa Rinna (but who hasn’t?). PK and Dorit famously labeled co-star Erika Jayne as “cold” (the truth hurts?). Dorit even went out of her way to challenge Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s concept of time management (how hard could that be?). The couple has also been accused of not paying their debts! Apparently that is just another requirement to maintain your slot on RHOBH. As Dorit and PK prepare for the financial fight of their lives, PK is hoping to spare Dorit from further embarrassment testifying in court.

Loyal followers of RHOBH know last season was kind of a dumpster fire. We unexpectedly lost a major player in the show, and protected secrets made their way to the headlines. You might know PK has suffered some financial setbacks in the past. After finally settling a long term outstanding debt with the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, another unpaid loan came back to haunt him. Nicos Kirzis was generous enough to loan PK $1.2 million in 2011.

Unfortunately, PK defaulted on the payments. While PK and Dorit spent their summer posting social media photos of expensive vacations and luxurious shopping trips, Nicos spent the summer wanting his damn money back. Now that PK and his wife are on the hook for the funds, PK is making what might be his last move.

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Yahoo! has some current details on the case. In newly filed documents, PK claims he doesn’t owe the lender one red cent because the debt was wiped clean in a bankruptcy filed in the United Kingdom. Oh PK, how tacky! Dorit’s husband confirmed Nicos loaned him the coinage in 2011 but said he claimed the empty wallet syndrome five months later. According to PK, the money he owed was discharged in the case.

See, PK is under the impression the case should be thrown out because Nicos took the legal battle to New York and now California. Dorit’s own accounts have been called into question by the courts. She is scheduled to appear on September 5 (this Thursday) and was threatened with jail if she doesn’t show up. But don’t worry, I have faith in Dorit. Even if she has to take a mugshot, she will find good lighting in the booking room.

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Dorit’s bank account has also been frozen, along with her hubby’s. PK is pleading for Dorit’s court appearance to be delayed until a judge determines the debt to Nicos was discharged by the British bankruptcy. If the judge agrees, there is no reason Dorit’s accounts should be examined. The judge has yet to rule but I hope he realizes we are ALL WAITING FOR AN ANSWER HERE… Until the judge makes a call, Dorit and PK have zero access to the money being held.

Scandalous! Well, here is Dorit’s storyline for next season. Like it or not, there is little anyone can do at this point to distract the audience from having no money dealing with financial battles. She just needs to glam up and face the karma music. Maybe she could Uber to court in a Honda instead of driving her rented rose-gold Bentley. Wouldn’t want to leave the judge with the impression they are hiding assets or anything. Until we have a court update, the saga known as, Days of Dorit’s Numbered Lives will continue.

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