Emily Simpson

Real Housewives of Orange County has been bringing the drama this season. We have watched Emily Simpson struggle to balance her job and children while her little bitch husband, Shane Simpson, supposedly studied to take the bar exam. You know–the kind of studying you do locked away in a hotel for days with no communication with your family.

Then, Emily was swept up in newbie Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s first misstep as a Housewife. In this case, Braunwyn, the mom of seven, was caught in a lie. And in a tacky visor for the Shannon Beador bus trip.

In an interview with toofab, Emily talked about Braunwyn joining the cast. “I like Braunwyn. I don’t really have any issues with Braunwyn throughout the season. There’s a few times when she and I spend time together and kind of bond,” Emily said. “I think she’s a good person. I think she has a good heart.”

So how did Braunwyn get into trouble? Braunwyn and RHOC alum Lizzie Rovsek have a mutual friend, so Braunwyn connected with Lizzie. That seems innocent, right? Then, Braunwyn did the unthinkable and texted Tamra’s personal devil former Orange County Housewife Gretchen Rossi. Apparently, Braunwyn didn’t know that you are not allowed to contact anyone that Tamra Judge dislikes. Is anyone else sensing a theme here? I see you, NeNe Leakes 2.0!

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Braunwyn told the group that Gretchen contacted her first. But Emily, who is friends with Lizzie, had screenshots showing that Braunwyn initiated the contact with Gretchen. Let’s not forget that Emily is a lawyer, so she always has the receipts. An infuriated Tamra (is there any other kind?) confronted the new Housewife for being a liar. Braunwyn dissolved into tears and ran to the front of the bus.

Emily thinks that Braunwyn may be surprised about how the show actually works. She told toofab, “I think that this show’s probably gonna end up being more difficult for her than she anticipated because I think she went into it thinking everybody was friends and we all just have a good time and it’s a fashion show, but it’s a lot more complex than that. I think that’s what’s gonna be a struggle for her, but it could be good because I think she’s led kind of a sheltered life, and I think this is the first time she has to find a backbone and kind of stand up for herself, so it’s probably good for her.”

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Emily believes that Braunwyn needs to toughen up if she wants to hang with the Orange County ladies. Emily also feels that Braunwyn should have handled the Lizzie and Gretchen controversy differently.

“I really wish in that instance that Braunwyn would’ve just stood up for herself and said, ‘Hey, you know what, I’m 40 years old, and I’ll have lunch with whoever I want to.’ That’s what I really thought she should’ve done in that circumstance,” Emily explained. “I just felt like she should’ve just stood up for herself. I don’t understand why everyone has to fall into line, and everyone has to dislike the same people that Tamra dislikes. I mean, that’s a ridiculous concept. We’re not in junior high.” Amen! Housewives is more like high school times ten.

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Emily added, “But I get it, too. I mean, when you have those two coming at you — Tamra and Shannon — I can see why you would lie.”


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