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50 Cent Responds To Lala Kent’s Allegations Of Being A Cyber Bully; Releases Details Of Repayment Contract!

Lala Kent needs to know, don’t start none, won’t be none! I mean, after that incredibly brutal public humiliation Randall Emmett went through because of his beloved fiancée, don’t you think she would just stop? Sorry, but now the Vanderpump Rules star has to play ball. First things first, I have a confession to make and I want to share it with you guys first. I have fallen in love. The object of my desire is none other than the multi-talented and independently wealthy, 50 Cent. This is a man who has worked hard. Became a multimillionaire after getting a record contract. Took on the challenge of acting, where he has also achieved success. But my boyfriend’s talents do not stop there. Fofty possesses an otherworldly skill. It’s almost as if he was blessed at birth. Friends, I’m speaking of MY MAN’S ability to, well, troll a bitch.

It was inside the realm of Fofty’s thespian duties where he met producer Randall. A friendship blossomed and at one point, my future husband compassionately loaned Randall $1 million in a time of need. Everything was fine and dandy until my beloved was made aware of the numerous high end gifts Lala was earning receiving from Randall. Yet Randall had neglected to repay the $1 million. Understandably miffed, Fofty did what few people have dared to do, call Lala out on social media. Lala decided to challenge the object of my affection in battle of wits. It was the best of times, it was the best of times… Now Lala has done it again, and my Fofty isn’t here for it.

G-g-g-g-g-g-g-unit! That’s right, the man you don’t want to mess with is back! Lala and Rand’s problems were basically over after Randall repaid his debt. Everything was smooth until recently. Lala thought she would be cute and slam Fofty over “the incident”. She claimed she has proof Fofty’s ego was bruised after he wiped the floor with her baby bottle provider. Naturally, Fofty responded, in the way we have come to know and love (but back off, he’s mine).

Then Lala cried foul. Mean ‘ole Fofty, he told the truth is a cyberbully! How dare he mock Lala’s sobriety?!? Well darling, I hate to say you poked the bear. But seriously, for Lala to call ANYONE a bully is quite frankly the most hypocritical thing I have ever seen. She who insulted Raquel Leviss mercilessly. She who made reckless comments about former friends. Now trying to act like a defenseless angel? I’m sorry, none of us here are new.

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But let’s allow Fofty to handle it, because he is the master. According to an article on The Blast, Fofty might be able to add fortune teller to his already impressive resume. It’s almost as if he expected this to come to fruition. Fofty has released an audio recording between himself and his attorney, detailing an alleged contract that Randall and Lala SIGNED. Allegedly.

The now-deleted post was captioned, “Here’s the terms I [Fofty] agreed to when Randell [sic] gave me my money. I didn’t say anything about him till his little drunk ass girlfriend went running her mouth. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac.” True statement. I doubt he even thought of them until Lala opened her mouth again.

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Per the deal, a provision was added to Randall’s repayment contract. The deal said if Rand or La “made public statements about 50 Cent (following the deal being executed), then the rapper was permitted to respond publicly, ‘in any manner and without restrictions’.”

PETTY ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL UNLOCKED. I bow to this man. In the video, my hero can be heard saying, “So if Lala or Randall decided to sue me for defamation … I don’t give a f—k if they sue me, I got all day for this sh-t.” We have all day for this too, my love, I assure you.

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The lawyer stated comments Fofty made in response to Lala were legal because she is a public figure. I urge you to watch the video here. I’m not sure Lala has much of a leg to stand on. And she cannot blame running her mouth on alcoholism, her father’s unfortunate passing, or anything but herself. She might be able to intimidate the likes of Billie Lee or a restaurant server, but she is way out of her league here. Game, set, and match to Fofty.


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