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Lala Kent Disses Raquel Leviss; Body Shaming Katie Maloney Is Lala’s Biggest Regret From Vanderpump Rules

After two years of keeping the identity of her boyfriend Randall Emmett under wraps and admitting to lying for the sake of his privacy, Lala Kent has opened up about her relationship with her man and her relationship with his two young daughters. That’s right, Lala is a kind of, sort of step-mom.

Aside from gushing over her bliss with Randall, Lala threw some shade at her former BFF and one-time lover James Kennedy and his girlfriend Raquel Leviss. She owned up to her mistakes she’s made on the show and she even gave a status update on her friendship with Scheana Marie.

During an interview for the Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald podcast, Lala shared that she and Randall “just celebrated two years” of dating. Heather McDonald commented that it’s “hard to convince someone to get married again” after a divorce, but that isn’t actually a problem that Lala is dealing with. She admitted to Heather, “See, I feel like he’s trying to convince me.” Heather asked, “To get married?” Lala confirmed, “Yeah. I feel like he wants to lock it down.”

Heather asked Lala about the possibility of having babies soon. Lala revealed, “I didn’t want to have babies soon, but then my dad, a few weeks ago, had a stroke while driving and was in a terrible accident. Thank god he’s OK, but I want my dad to have grand babies.” She added, “He was in ICU for about two days and then just regular hospital care for two more days and now he’s a champion.”

Even if Lala doesn’t become a mother any time soon, she will have plenty of practice by the time that happens since she does spend a lot of time with Randall’s kids, which I know thanks to Instagram stories. She confessed, “We’re so close. I feel like I give the nanny a vacation because we are like addicted to each other.”

Everything seems to be all good on the home front for Lala, but that’s not the case when it comes to her friendship with James. Even so, she sort of gave him a compliment when she said, “James Kennedy, even though I think you’re a whack job, I think he’s like a reality TV producer’s dream.” I can’t argue with that one. The man is TV gold.

She also addressed James‘ mixed up Kanye West analogy. In one episode, James said, “You know Ray J hit it first before Kanye, right?” Lala commented, “I got so confused because he calls himself the white Kanye, so isn’t he now Ray J?” She added, “He said Ray J hit it first, so my man is Kanye and he’s now the white Ray J so that’s what I’m going to refer to him as.” Please do that.

Before her friendship with James went south, they were partners in crime. One of those crimes included fat shaming Katie Maloney during the Season 5 premiere episode. Lala described that scene as “one of the most horrific things to watch.” Heather asked if it was one of her biggest regrets on the show. Lala confessed, “Ever, yeah. Besides pushing Kristen [Doute], that is my biggest regret because that’s so not like me. I’m the kind of person that when you push me into a corner, I think about what would really hurt your feelings.”

Then the conversation turned to James‘ girlfriend Raquel. Lala shared, “I want her to have more than just half of a brain.” Damn. Then Lala spoke for almost all of the viewers when she asked, “Why is she allowing him to sit on my chair with me? Why is he not sitting with her at dinner?” She continued, “I just can’t imagine being with someone that every other day you hear he’s banging someone else and now you hear he’s banging boys. For me, she’s either just a very strong woman, wants to be on TV, or she’s just dumb. I don’t know. You tell me.”

Heather told Lala, “I think she wants to be on TV.” Lala agreed and said, “I think so too.” If it wasn’t for this show, she wouldn’t be raking in the money from sponsored Instagram posts.

Before Lala became friends with almost everyone in the cast, the only person (besides James) that would hang out with her was Faith Stowers– the woman who finally came out of the background when she admitted to sleeping with Jax Taylor while she was supposed to be taking care of a senior citizen.

Lala declared, “Faith was the worst caretaker. She got fired because a 90-inch TV screen fell on the lady’s head and Faith wasn’t there. The people called her and were like ‘Faith, where are you?’ She was with me driving in a Ferrari. I was like ‘Damn, girl. You need to get your priorities straight.'”

Lala continued, “The daughter or granddaughter called and said ‘Where are you?’ She kept sending her to voicemail and then finally she picked up, so I take her back and they kept her. Then one other thing happened and after that she got a phone call.” So clearly, Faith is not a reliable person when it comes to taking care of the elderly…. or to be hanging out with someone else’s boyfriend.

Lala is done being friends with Faith, James (for now, at least), and now Scheana might be the next one to go. These two are not nearly as close as they used to be. Lala remarked, “I mean, I would say we’re fine. I think I might be too tough for her as a friend. I think she needs people that baby her a little more.” Shocking.

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