Lala Kent Explains Why She Deleted Every Photo Of Randall Emmett

The romance between Lala Kent and Randall Emmett is a love story for the ages. The couple met while Lala was hostessing at SUR, and thus began an affair a courtship filled with baby bottles passion and intrigue. Lala was first reluctant to share her relationship on Vanderpump Rules because of his wife, in an effort to keep her sugar daddy new love private.  But when Lala showed up with Range Rovers and high-dollar bags, her cast-mates became curious. Never referring to Randall by name, she would call him, “my man”, to maintain his anonymity.

Slowly but surely, details on Randall began to show up on the Pump Rules radar. Once Randall’s adultery divorce was final, Lala became more liberal with information regarding her paramour. Randall was a rich Hollywood producer! He has a private jet! Randall owes a lot of money gives expensive gifts! Thanks to his PJ, people who used to slut-shame Lala now want to be her friend. It isn’t all wheels up and YSL bags for this new age Romeo and Juliet. Lala and Randall have suffered trying times on their road to lifelong togetherness. And because we live in an age where everyone loves an audience, it went down quite publicly.

Lala wants us to know Randall is her soulmate. He gives her a reason to wake up in the morning. It has NOTHING TO DO with his bank account, access to the casting couch acting world, or his collection of black t-shirts. As their courtship progressed, Lala started showing up on the big screen and on red carpets, as her producer-boyfriend’s right hand. In April 2019, Lala and Randall were in the media for a completely different reason.

Because Lala is not shy about the gifts she receives for services rendered from Rand, one person decided to have a go at the couple. Entertainment entrepreneur, 50 Cent, had loaned Randall some money to the tune of $1 million. After non-payment on the funds, The Artist Formerly Known As 50 trolled Lala for filth on Instagram after watching her brag on an episode of Pump Rules.

The feud was epic, Fofty humiliated Randall, as he basically begged for his life. People began to wonder if Lala would even stay with the shamed loan-taker, given the public ridicule. Lala then deleted every photo of Rand on her Instagram account. Now fans were more curious that she had dumped Fofty’s bitch Randall.

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Thankfully, Lala has an explanation! She recently shared a photo of the two embracing. In the caption, she says, “I’ve been with this man 3 and half years. We’ve been through hell and back together. He is my soulmate, apart [sic] of who I am. The day I met him I knew I wanted to protect him forever. Sometimes things don’t go exactly as I plan. People are hurtful. They create entertainment off of your pain. I get it, it’s what I signed up for.” Oh Lala, hang on, I need a tissue. Isn’t it just awful when people create entertainment off other’s pain? It’s nice to know she is above such petty things.

Lala then shares why she deleted Rand’s photos after the Fofty turmoil. “I don’t feel he [Randall] did. In a moment of feeling protective, angry, and impulsive, I deleted every photo of him, including the moment we got engaged. I felt what people were saying was so unfair and I’m the one that put him out there like that. He is the love of my life. He is kind, and thoughtful, and everything you want when you’re thinking of your future partner. It is a privilege to be around him. No matter what anyone will ever have to say, this is my boo. This is our life. Rand, I will always protect you. 4.18.2020 I’m locking you down for life.”

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The burden of heavy partying, along with Fofty profiting from the couple’s shared misery, took it’s toll. Thankfully, Lala and Rand emerged from the fire stronger than ever. And though Randall has an ex-wife, two kids, alimony, child support, 19 chins, and a sketchy loan history, Lala is STANDING BY HER MAN Y’ALL. She is going to suck on baby bottles for the rest of her life, because nothing, and I mean nothing, is more important than a good pair of Gucci Slides.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]