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Tinsley Mortimer Defends Her Spending Habits After Accusations From Her Costars

Why have the Real Housewives amassed such a following?  The drama?  The feuds?  How about stepping into the elite world of the super rich?  No matter where the location, people love to see expensive homes, vacations, and shopping.  Do we really care how it is financed?

On the Real Housewives of New York, Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley have questioned Tinsley Mortimer’s spending habits.  Of course, she comes from family money, but after seeing Scott Kluth shower her with gifts, the ladies are wondering if there is a special someone behind the scenes buying new frilly dresses.  Tinsley claims that she is paying for her own wardrobe.  Sonja insists that she doesn’t have the money.

On the Real Housewives of New York Aftershow, Tinsley and her mom Dale Mercer respond to  Sonja’s claim.  It all started with Dorinda questioning a $2,000 Zimmermann dress that Tinsley purchased in Miami.  Tinsley responded, “Do you know how many Zimmermanns I bought?  How many I always buy?”

Tinsley then credits her trust fund.  She said, “First of all, look I have, thank you mommy, family money.  Thank you.  Which is nice. But also, you know if they’re going to even put it on this, I don’t have a child that I pay for.  You know, Sonja’s having to buy flights and things and clothes for her child.  You know, they have mortgages and houses.  I don’t.  I’m just a single girl on my own.”

Dale thinks Sonja is just projecting her own shopping habits onto Tinsley.  Dale said, “If you really look at Sonja, the clothing she wears and stuff, she obviously is not someone who feels comfortable, whether she can or not, spend certain sums on clothing.”

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One theory in this intriguing case is that Tinsley is back with Scott Dale thinks Scott’s habit of public gift-giving may have set the stage for Sonja’s questions.  She opined, “I think that the girls, because Scott was so generous, I mean he would buy you a pocketbook here or a handbag there.  I think that they just didn’t like you receiving these presents.  They just didn’t like it.  And they didn’t want you to be dating him.  Because most boyfriends, you don’t see these presents and things like that.  I mean he was very generous.”

Tinsley interjected, “Well, I definitely didn’t from my ex-husband.  But, yeah.  We’re Southern and whatever and we spend money on clothes.”

Surely Tinsley’s marriage and life as a socialite would exonerate her from Sonja’s questioning?  Tinsley said, “it’s not like I fell off the turnip truck or something, you know.  They know me from before the show. ”

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Despite all indication that Tinsley has enough family money to live lavishly, pay for her dog’s corpse to be frozen and thawed, and also keep her egg babies on ice, Dorinda and Sonja are still not convinced.  Sonja indicates she has insider information.  When asked how she knows that Tinsley is living beyond her means Sonja said, “Because I know.  That’s why I invited Tinsley to come live with me.”

Dorinda speaks with a lot of conviction when she says, “Two plus two equals what?  I mean stop.  You tell me, where is she supporting herself?”

Dorinda continued, “What do we have to do everyday when we get up to support ourselves?  We have to go to a thing called a job. And get a thing called a paycheck.  And usually with those paychecks you can’t buy three or four thousand dollars worth of clothing at a shop and live in a 15k a month hotel.  I mean we’re not Cinderalla.”

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Aren’t you though?  It doesn’t seem as if any of these ladies have a 9 to 5.  Luann de Lesseps slinks out certain evenings to perform some tedious cabaret show.  Barbara Kavovit and Bethenny Frankel seem to be in some sort of daily grind, but these other ladies either came from money or married money.  Surely no one should be judging here.


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