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Erika Jayne’s Husband Tom Girardi Sued Over $40,000 Unpaid Bill

Is it a secret requirement that you need to have financial or legal issues to be on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Just wondering. Dorit Kemsley and PK Kemsley are dealing with a mountain of debt. And they are not alone.

Queen of RHOBH Kyle Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky, has been hit with a $30 million-dollar lawsuit, and some of the Beverly Hills Housewives have been swept into this legal mess. Maybe Mauricio and Kyle shouldn’t have filmed a RHOBH party at the house that is at the center of this lawsuit.

Erika Jayne (who is also known as Erika Girardi) and her husband, Tom Girardi, have also spent some quality time in court facing lawsuits. I am sure that doesn’t make Erika happy. That is time and money that her husband could be investing in Erika’s singing hobby career.

The Blast obtained legal documents filed by Tom and Erika that requested that a $3 million-dollar lawsuit be moved to arbitration from federal court. Then the lawsuit and documents would be sealed. Stillwell Madison sued Erika and Tom because the company claimed that in 2016 it loaned Tom’s law firm $5,110,440.38. Tom was supposed to make payments and provide financial documents on a regular basis.

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Stillwell Madison alleged that “Mr. Girardi re-directed all or part of the proceeds, to which Stillwell was contractually entitled, to himself and his wife in order to sustain their lavish lifestyle and maintain their glamorous public image.” The lawsuit is seeking $3,454,804 for punitive damages and the balance on the loan.

Tom and Erika claim that Stillwell Madison “filed in federal court using such highly charged language as ‘lavish lifestyle’ and ‘glamorous public image’ with the goal to try to use the Court system as a publicity campaign.” Sigh.

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But that wasn’t the only recent lawsuit for the Beverly Hills couple. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Tom reached a settlement in a separate case with Law Finance Group. The company sued Tom and his law firm, Girardi Keese, earlier this year for $16 million dollars. The loan from 2015 was supposed to be used to fund Tom’s law firm, but Tom allegedly failed to repay the loan.

Tom denied allegations that the money instead went “to maintain Mr. Girardi’s lavish lifestyle.”

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Court documents show that Law Finance Group made a settlement agreement with Tom. Tom agreed to pay back the entire debt by July 7, 2019. On June 7, Tom paid the company $10 million. Law Finance Group requested a judgement right away for the remaining $6 million that was not paid by the deadline. The court decided that matter would wait until a later hearing.

And the court would also like to speak with Erika about this matter on November 6th. Yikes! Hopefully Erika will leave the thigh-high leather boots at home. Or maybe she will dress up like a naughty librarian for court. That might be as toned down as Erika gets.

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And now, Tom’s law firm, Girardi Keese, is once again being sued. Does anyone sense a theme here? In court documents obtained by The Blast, Tom’s law firm is being sued by JJ Jackson Consulting. JJ Jackson Consulting stated that in 2016 they were hired by Girardi Keese to provide consulting services for Ischemia Research and Education Foundation, (IREF,) which was one of the law firm’s clients.

JJ Jackson Consulting alleges that Girardi Keese agreed to pay what IREF owed to them “for previously-unpaid invoices on the same case, should IREF fail to pay the debt by January 2018.” IREF did not make that payment, and Tom’s law firm has refused to pay the $40,167.69 that is owed to JJ Jackson Consulting. The consulting firm also stated that Tom replied to one of their letters saying, “I will get this resolved within the next 30 days. This is the first I heard of the bill.” JJ Jackson Consulting is requesting $40,167 plus attorney fees.

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So far, these financial issues were not serious enough for Erika to ditch her $40,000 per month glam squad. Thank goodness! It isn’t cheap to transform into her puss-patting Erika Jayne persona. And now, Erika is heading to Broadway!


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