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Erika Jayne Pulled Into Court Over Husband’s $6 Million Debt

How many f*cks does Erika Jayne give? About $6 million and counting, is my guess. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a show based around wealthy women who don’t live in Beverly Hills. Now under the haze of numerous legal battles, one could wonder if they will still be wealthy when it’s all over. It happens, even for the rich. Debts go unpaid, deals are made under the table, bankruptcies are filed. But when you’re a celebrity, everyone winds up knowing your business. Heck, I bet people even concoct outrageous stories in an attempt to distract from their financial shame.

Erika and husband, Tom Girardi, are one of the RHOBH couples being questioned about their funds. Formerly an enigma wrapped in a riddle and cash, Erika is currently a conundrum wrapped in court papers and searching for her glam squad. Tom has been utilizing his skills as a renowned attorney to get himself out of some hot water. After speculation emerged that Tom used a loan to “fund Erika’s tour his lavish lifestyle”, Erika found herself slapped with a lawsuit of her own. Apparently, the slapping isn’t done yet, my friends! Erika’s pretty mess just got a little messier.

If there was a list of things that put Erika in a bad mood, it would probably consist of having a migraine, enduring painful cramps, adorable puppies, and going to court. And you know what, I don’t blame her. Court is a drag, baby! On the factual side, most of our ladies should be pretty comfortable with legal letterhead by now. So in addition to Tom’s court case, Erika is dealing with her own battle.  Now we have a new development.

According to a report from Yahoo!, the lender who is owed millions by the Girardis is hightailing it back to court. “Law Finance is demanding the judge order Erika Jayne to appear in court with her financial records including bank statements and sources of income, in an attempt to collect on the debt owed to them.” That’s funny, this sounds awfully familiar. Now let me think, who else might be having this problem – don’t worry, it will come to me.

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The article further states, Law Finance Group wants to “examine Erika Jayne aka Erika Girardi, whom I [the lender] have reason to believe is the spouse of Judgment Debtor Thomas V. Girardi.” That’s interesting. Is there any question that Erika is married to Tom? Does her pat the puss persona have reason to believe she isn’t actually betrothed to this man?

It gets kind of juicy, the lender suspects Erika is “currently in possession of personal property individually owned by the Judgment Debtor or jointly owned by Erika” and Tom. Law Finance isn’t playing because they also plan to question Erika about the “whereabouts of personal property” and real property owned by her husband. HIDE THOSE CARTIER RINGS, GIRL. Recently, a judge ruled Tom was in breach of a settlement deal with the finance group.

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Tom agreed to pay back $16 million but only paid $10 million by the payment deadline. The judge then presented Tom with a lovely judgment over the remaining $6 million balance. Law Finance is trying to collect on the millions owed, and this is where our Erika comes into play. The courts would like to see Erika for a few minutes to discuss this on November 6. The judge has yet to rule.

So, you know how there is some buzz about Erika not returning to RHOBH? She has made no public comment, but things are… sketchy. It begs the question if she will come back to the show while dealing with this monetary trauma. As you know, co-stars Dorit and PK Kemsley are due in court this Thursday. Her Majesty Kyle Richards’ husband is also navigating through his own ALLEGED journey of fraud. Is this it for Erika? Has life gotten too EXP3N$$1*V3 for our glamorous star? Is Mikey currently packing a U-Haul and hauling ass to Mexico? Stay tuned.

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