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Dorit Kemsley Claims She Froze Her Own Bank Account

The past season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills revolved around Dorit Kemsley. As the public attempts to push #puppygate to the darkest corner of their minds, it’s now being rehashed on the reunion. Dorit played the victim so well, you would have thought she was doing budget Shakespeare in the Park. The mum of two hasn’t a care in the world, with her rented Hollywood mansion and leased rosè hued Bentley.

We have rarely seen a flaw in Dorit’s armor of Alexander McQueen couture and diamond baubles. But all isn’t perfect in Dorit’s fantasy world. A dark cloud has been hovering over Dorit and PK Kemsley for quite some time. Thanks to public records and Camille Grammer, fans of RHOBH finally see through the facade of Chanel and suspicious accents. While the cast took luxurious trips and displayed their wealth, something else was happening. Behind the scenes, most of the Housewives were dealing with legal issues. Financial legal issues. As layers have been uncovered and lawsuits exposed, we are finding out that while Dorit may consider herself the Queen of McQueen, she also might be the Queen of Delusion.

The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas was after PK. In September 2018, a judge granted the casino an order to go after PK’s assets to collect on a gambling debt. In May 2019, that suit was settled. Now PK is under fire for a loan he took out in 2011 to the tune of over $1 million. Nicos Kirzis called PK to court on June 19 to reveal his assets.

But wait, Dorit was dragged into this too. On June 27, she was ordered to reveal her finances as part of PK’s legal battle. In the interim, fans of RHOBH were being punished showered with stories of a dog adoption gone wrong. When finally confronted by Camille over her financial state, Dorit brushed it off as an “old debt of PK’s”.

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Now we have frozen bank accounts. Unpaid debts can lead to wage garnishment or seizing assets. Nicos Kirzis went to court to garnish a City National Bank account under PK and Dorit’s name. Dorit hauled ass to court demanding Mr. Kirzis not be allowed to seize the $29,634.10 balance.

She stated the money was hers and PK did not contribute to that account. Mr. Kirzis was all, not today Satan! He argued Dorit had zero evidence to back this claim. The frozen tundra of cash flow has hit Dorit where it hurts. Never one to admit defeat, Dorit has an excuse for that one also…

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While she was a guest on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen inquired about Dorit’s chilly ATM card. According to The Blast, Dorit replied that she had taken action against herself. Yes, you read that correctly. Dorit implied that she froze her own bank account. Bless her heart.

Dorit claims the news regarding her bank account was not true, and it was “not the way it’s been blown up in the press.” Okay, all together now… SURE, JAN! Dorito said she couldn’t speak about PK’s “ongoing issue”, but was able to stop anything from happening until the situation “becomes more clear.”

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As Dorit sat in her Rent the Runway Balmain dress, which retails just shy of $7,000, she seemingly lied to Andy’s face. A handy little thing called court documents dispute the words coming out of her mouth. “The documents are clear that a Los Angeles judge was the one who froze the bank account and NOT Dorit. The judge was very clear in that the $29,000 in Dorit and PK’s account cannot be touched until a hearing in September.”

Has as Dorit been busted in a lie? A hearing has been set for September. The money is frozen and cannot be touched until a judge makes the decision. Until then, when Dorit visits her local bank, she will have to wear a scarf.

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