Emily & Gina as femme fatales

I have tried to be understanding. I have tried to keep my sarcasm in check. And I have tried, so hard, not to be shady. But now Gina Kirschenheiter has left me with little choice. One of the newer stars of Real Housewives of Orange County has been keeping the drama flowing in the show’s 14th season. And what a season it’s been. Gina has dealt with a DUI, a cheating ex-husband, and a blossoming friendship with the devil Tamra Judge.

Last year we saw Gina and Emily Simpson hanging out a lot, one might have called them BFFs. But their relationship began to show cracks as they attempted to navigate through the trials and tribulations of life. Gina felt personally attacked that Emily wanted to celebrate her anniversary in Sin City. Obviously a direct assault into Gina’s new responsible way of living. But once Gina addressed her drunk driving arrest and came to terms with being single, she decided to start dating. Emily tried to do Gina a solid and set her up with her husband’s cousin, you know because Shane Simpson has such a good rep. Unfortunately, the date wasn’t meant to be, and Gina again considers herself betrayed by Emily.

Shane’s cousin bailed on Gina’s date due to an ALLEGED broken toe. Did Gina even offer calling him a TOE TRUCK? You. Are. Welcome. Ugh, sorry Gina. It TOEtally sucks that she got ditched on her first date after marriage. In the latest blow to their friendship, Gina basically blamed Emily for the failed date. Though, if we’re being technical, Gina wasn’t exactly stood up. Because dude couldn’t stand at all. Woe is the broken toe!

Gina explained her feelings to Bravo’s The Daily Dish and said, she wasn’t just ditched, she was BETRAYED. Gina admitted she was disappointed when Shane’s cousin canceled on her. She got a spray tan and everything, you guys! “It was a big deal,” she said. Joined by an unholy force Tamra, Gina then labels the guy a “pussy”. You and I might label him as “smart”.

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We are treated to Tamra’s fond memory of disrobing and drunkenly dumping herself into a hot tub with Shannon STORMS Beador. “I broke my freaking foot in half and still sat in the jacuzzi and had shots!” Ah yes, another fine moment detailing Tamra’s life of Christianity and serving Jesus. Amen.

Gina went into further detail of her non-date’s fragility. “You literally give birth, have a human come through your vagina, they send you home and are like, ‘now care for this human’, but you break a toe and you can’t get into an Uber?” Is this Gina’s first time at the “he’s just not into you” rodeo? Honey, get it together.

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Tamra questioned, “But wasn’t there more to it,” in her best shit-stirring voice. Gina replied, “This is where I get into weird territory with Emily because I don’t know if I can trust him.” Though Gina did say she likes to give her friends the benefit of the doubt. Gina then confessed both Shane and Emily told her it was going to be a “fake date”. Tamra asked if the guy just wanted camera time and said, “We don’t do that on the show.” Why Tamra, because of the quality programming your lives provide?

Gina reflected on the “heavy year” she has had thus far and was looking forward to stepping out with a man. Going on a first date, trying to feel better about herself and have a fun night out. Sadly, it didn’t happen. Naturally it was Emily’s fault. Gina likened it to having her “heart broken again” and Tamra shouted out the word… “betrayal”. The interviewer asked Gina, “That was worse than going to jail?” She immediately replied, “That was worse, that was worse, I would have done better on eharmony at this point.”

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Going forward, if anyone asks you what is worse than getting a DUI and going to jail – make sure you reply having a date canceled. I’m sure we can all agree the devastating effects of having a stranger not show up to meet you is definitely more harmful than imbibing a bunch of alcohol and getting behind the wheel of an automobile. Sigh.

Thankfully we now know Gina’s dating life has improved. She has a new man and seems happy. No word on whether or not this guy has brittle foot bones. For his sake, I hope not.

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