Jennifer Aydin Admits She Has Not Spoken To Melissa Gorga Since Huge Hamptons Blow Out Fight

I seriously doubt Melissa Gorga is crying into her cornflakes every morning over this situation. Buckle up, the Real Housewives of New Jersey is back tonight, and already we have people not speaking! Jacqueline Laurita 2.0 Jennifer Aydin is back and looking better than ever. During her time away from the cameras, Jennifer has “had a little work done”, courtesy of her plastic surgeon husband. What Dr. Bill Aydin didn’t do is sew her mouth shut, because girlfriend has a lot on her mind.

It’s gearing up to be a drama-heavy rollercoaster for the 10th season of RHONJ. The new trailer alluded to some of the ups and downs the ladies will experience. Naturally stemware is thrown, things are lit on fire, and profanity is screamed so loud, it probably triggered the Richter Scale. You know, normal antics of grown women, out and about in society. One argument in particular really put a damper on Jennifer and Melissa’s already tense relationship. Now Jacqueline Jennifer opens up about the feud and where she currently stands with Teresa Giudice’s mortal enemy sister-in-law.

Back in May, the RHONJ ladies took their upper crust manners and impeccable etiquette to a restaurant in the Hamptons. Always aware of the ever-present cameras and innocent victims patrons of any establishment they frequent, the cast displayed civility and grace as they dined amongst the people. HAHAHAHA, no, I’m kidding, it was a total shit show as per usual. In fact, a video was taken of a fight that occurred between Jennifer and Melissa that ultimately ended the excursion early. Let’s hear ‘ole Jen’s side of the saga…

According to HollywoodLife, Jennifer and Melissa have not spoken since this blessed event took place. We don’t know yet what caused such a profound break in the group, but we do know Jennifer was agitated enough to throw something on the dinner table. Again. Jennifer explained, “It kind of went left. I didn’t expect it to get that out of hand.” It kind of went left? I think humming objects at someone else may qualify for going extremely left with the intent to harm, but maybe that’s just me.

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Jennifer added, “It got really emotional for me, which you guys will end up seeing.” She also said this is the biggest argument she has had since joining the show. Jen shared, “Looking back at the trailer, I was really surprised to see how mad Melissa was really getting at me, because I don’t remember her getting that mad at me.” She doesn’t remember? Is tequila the culprit behind her short term memory loss? Jennifer confessed she was shocked by Melissa’s hot reaction, “It was really surprising for me to witness that.”

Even though Jennifer and Melissa have yet to resolve their issues, Jen hopes there is no grudge-holding going on. Jen stated, “I have no beef against Melissa as of right now. I’m hoping she doesn’t have any beef against me, but I couldn’t tell you that.” I’m guessing smart phones don’t work in New Jersey, because it seems a simple text might be able to solve this mystery for her. That said, Jennifer is not one to hold grudges unless Teresa says so.

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Thankfully, Jennifer says nothing really gets her down. “I get angry, I think about it, and then I’m done. I move on,” she revealed. “And then, people will always be like, ‘Aren’t you mad at her for what she did?’ And I’ll be like, ‘Oh, yeah, I forgot about that.’ That’s how I am, I’m scatter brain when it comes to that. I forget emotion real fast.” Until it’s played repeatedly on a network and people start commenting on it. Then she might forget she forgot to be mad…

As for what’s ahead for viewers, Jennifer said, “There were some alliances formed, some fall outs, right, towards the end of the season. We all know about people unfollowing each other, so it’s definitely an explosive season. So yes, it’s just a lot of drama. A lot of drama, and obviously a lot of laughs, tears, definitely going to be one to watch.” And we mustn’t forget Jennifer’s 136 bathrooms! The ladies get back in the saddle tonight. Grab your safety goggles, remove all flammable objects, and stay tuned!

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[Photo Credit: Greg Endries/Bravo]