Jennifer Aydin’s Husband Never Actually Proposed To Her

Jennifer Aydin didn’t waste any time getting involved in the drama when she joined the cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey last season. We know quite a bit about Jennifer. We know that she is the mother of five children. Viewers know that she is married to Dr. Bill Aydin, who is a plastic surgeon. According to her Season 9 tagline, we know that Jennifer is “obsessed with family, traditions, and Chanel.” Jennifer and her husband are very proud of their Turkish heritage and traditions. Her traditional beliefs served as a bond between Jennifer and Teresa Giudice.

We know that Jennifer isn’t afraid to bribe her children if necessary. And it seems she often deems it necessary, much to Bill’s dismay. He would prefer that his wife be stricter with the kids. Oh, and Jennifer keeps a close eye on the staff by doing random bag checks before the nanny escapes leaves her shift.

RHONJ viewers also know that when Jennifer drinks, she turns into a tequila-monster, and no one is safe. At a throw-down in Cabo last season between Danielle Staub and Margaret Josephs, Melissa Gorga mistakenly believed that a glass was thrown at her by Jennifer. Jennifer was not the guilty party, but she broke a glass on the table to show Melissa that if she did throw one, she wouldn’t miss. Yikes! Personally, I would have been more impressed if Jennifer flipped the table as a tribute to Teresa.

During the girls’ trip to Oklahoma, Jennifer was a rude houseguest from hell who needed to one-up everyone. We also learned that this was Jennifer’s first girl’s trip ever. Her husband Bill is very conservative, so this was a big first for Jennifer.

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We now also know that Bill never actually proposed to Jennifer. Excuse me…what? Jennifer explained on Instagram how the duo actually ended up married. (There is some rough grammar ahead.)

“Look at photos I found from my promise of engagement party that was at my Long Island house in February 2002 – my siblings and I look so young! And there are some with my in-laws too! Instead of proposing with a ring, I was given a cross to signify the engagement,” Jennifer said. “#funfact My husband never proposed to me! We met at my brother n laws @james.diamond.collection wedding in LA the Sunday before Labor Day 2001 and on our second date (after talking on the phone for 6 weeks) he simply said to me, ‘you know you’re going to be my wife, right?’”

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Well that seems pretty low-key for a couple whose house boasts a zillion bathrooms. Knowing Jennifer, I was expecting a fireworks display and a serenade by Beyoncé.

Jennifer continued, “And I was so smitten I immediately said yes and the following week he was introducing me as his fiancée to everybody. And then we got married the exact same day, the Sunday before Labor Day, 2002! I actually didn’t get the ring until just a few months before my wedding day,” Jennifer stated.  “But when people would ask ‘Where’s your ring,’ Bill would simply answer, ‘My dad’s a jewelry, her dads a jeweler,it’s not the most important thing- we are!’” Jennifer wrote. “True that baby! #memorymonday.”

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RHONJ fans also remember that Jennifer called a necklace that the group bought for Teresa “ugly” because the Jersey Housewives didn’t go to her brother, who is a jeweler. So, I am a bit shocked that Jennifer waited even five minutes for a ring.


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