Melissa Gorga Teases Shocking Teresa Giudice Fight During Season 10 Of Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Season 9 of Real Housewives of New Jersey was epic on so many levels. You had simmering tension between Melissa Gorga and her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice. There was outright aggression when Margaret Josephs pushed Danielle Staub’s then-husband, Marty Caffrey, into Jennifer Aydin’s swimming pool so he could cool off. And there was that girls’ trip to Cabo where Margaret hurled a glass of wine at arch-enemy Danielle, resulting in a melee. At the reunion, Teresa announced that she will be splitting with her husband, Joe Giudice, if he is deported. That is a lot to handle.

So, what does Season 10 of RHONJ have in store for us? So far, we have learned of an argument between Melissa and Jennifer at a restaurant in the Hamptons. Danielle and Margaret were also involved in a fight at Steven Dann’s store in Great Neck. Supposedly, Margaret poured water over Danielle’s head. Danielle retaliated by lighting Margaret’s purse on fire. Pretty soon, the Jersey Housewives will be banned at all restaurants and will be filming in fast-food joints. Or someplace where there is no glassware, no open flames, and the tables are bolted to the floor.

There are also rumors that Teresa is done being friends with the often-engaged Danielle. The former besties stopped following each other on Instagram in mid-June. This rift makes Melissa thrilled, and she hinted that she may have had something to do with getting Teresa to see the light.

In an interview with US Weekly, Melissa dished about the upcoming season. “You are going to be shocked at some of the things that come out of Teresa’s mouth and out of mine,” Melissa shared. “I would say, Teresa and I got very deep with things you have been waiting for us to say for years, and finally it’s getting said. I think it’s shocking at the point that we are. We’re both very comfortable in our skin.”

Of course, being family, Melissa and Teresa have had a million tense moments over the years. They even had a big fight during the Season 9 reunion. “Like, let’s just be what we are. We really do love each other. We really are family. When I’m with her, it’s family. … But, we do have kind of like that push-shove kind of thing sometimes,” Melissa explained.

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Melissa thinks that Season 10 is going to be even wilder than last season. Buckle up! “It’s a crazy season,” Melissa said. “The producers think that this season is better than last season — and last season was amazing. We got very deep this season. Like, it’s a deep cut season.”

In a separate interview with US Weekly, Teresa stated, “The 10th season is explosive. They wanted to do something big for the 10th season, and there’s a lot of drama. Not that we wanted to do something big, it happened.” The “OG” Housewife added, “I didn’t expect it to happen. I’m shocked. It’s just screwed up. … Tensions are high.”

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I cannot wait for RHONJ to return! I am eager to find out what happened between Danielle and Teresa. And if the ladies will be allowed in any restaurants in the future.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]