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Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice have lived their life, for better or worse, in front of Bravo’s cameras. In 2014, the couple pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges and both served time in prison at camp.

After finishing his 41-month stint in jail, Joe was taken into custody by ICE. An immigration judge ordered Joe, who had never became a United States citizen,to be deported to Italy.

On October 11, when Joe’s appeal bond was denied, he said farewell to the United States and went to Italy to await the final ruling.

Teresa previously said that if Joe was deported, the couple would divorce. And Teresa has been spotted holding hands with boyfriend totally platonic friend Blake Schreck. During the Season 10 premiere of RHONJ, Teresa was forced to address rumors that she was cheating on Joe.

Bravo’s Andy Cohen had a tense interview with Teresa and her husband. Joe appeared via video call from Italy for the Watch What Happens Live sit-down. The couple each accused the other of being unfaithful while stating that they had each been faithful. Awkward!

In an interview with US Weekly, Melissa Gorga said that she hopes her sister-in-law and her husband can work things out. “I thought it must be so difficult to see your husband for the first time through a TV screen, I really did. My heart breaks for them,” Melissa said. “You can feel that it was a little uncomfortable and I’m hoping the best for them, I really am. It’s sad. They’re going to see each other soon, so they’ll figure it out.”

Melissa added that the couple had “spent a lot of time apart and they probably don’t know each other anymore.” For the sake of their four daughters, Melissa is hoping that the couple can reconcile.

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“I hope they do, but I understand if they don’t because it’s a very far distance. So, if they don’t, I completely understand that and I respect the family’s decision,” Melissa said.

Us Weekly reported that during the interview with Andy, Teresa shared that she was anxious about seeing her husband in person.  “I’ve definitely changed. I’m sure he has too,” Teresa admitted. “But now, like, the way I’m seeing him speak, like, he looks like he’s changed … in a good way.” As far as her feelings for Joe, Teresa told Andy that she does “love him as a person,” but she isn’t sure about her feelings until they are reunited.

Joe seemed like he could care less his feelings were uncertain, too. “If we stay together, we stay together. If we don’t, we don’t. We’ll see,” Joe commented. Teresa and Joe’s statements aren’t exactly giving me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Teresa and her daughters are currently in Italy with Joe, and their big family reunion is being filmed for RHONJ. According to RadarOnline, Teresa is allegedly receiving about six figures to film in Italy. Wow!

I am happy that the Giudice daughters will finally be able to hug their Dad. In fact, Joe posted a cute family photo to his Instagram.  But it really seems like the Giudice’s marriage has been over for a while, and I wonder how awkward these scenes in Italy will be to watch. Stay tuned.


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