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Vanderpump Rules Star Brittany Cartwright Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

Is she, or isn’t she? That’s been the question of many Vanderpump Rules fans regarding the state of Brittany Cartwright’s womb. This is what usually happens after a young couple gets married. People automatically seem to go on bump watch, searching for any change in a new bride’s waistline. If it’s a celebrity couple, a woman’s body becomes fair game – which kind of sucks when you think about it.

Brittany and her husband, Jax Taylor, definitely want children, and they have been quite vocal about their desire to conceive. According to the couple, they want kids as soon as possible. Because they are in the public eye, Brittany’s stomach is now under a microscope. Whatever she wears, whatever she drinks, or doesn’t drink, is under constant criticism. Recently rumors have been floating around that there’s a baby on board, with media outlets posting photos of Brittany in various alleged maternity frocks. Brittany has finally decided to address the gossip encompassing her circumference, and if she is or isn’t.

I admit, I have also wondered if Brittany is currently with-child. I just haven’t done it publicly. But when a couple gets married and announces they want to get pregnant on their honeymoon, are people in the wrong for being on the lookout for a pending announcement? Brittany and Jax had a roller coaster courtship that resulted in a magical mashed potato buffet wedding. They bought a beautiful home and now Brittany and Jax want babies. After certain photos of Brittany were published online, Pump Rules viewers began to wonder if she is already pregnant. She has decided to set the record straight and put the speculation to bed.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Brittany gave an update on her uterus. “I’m not pregnant now, obviously, because that’s been a rumor going around,” she said. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the very near future. “I can’t wait to be a mom, so whenever it happens, we’ll be so excited,” Brittany shared. Jax has also said he eagerly awaits becoming a parent. This isn’t a crazy situation, several of Brittany and Jax’s co-stars are ready to breed as well.

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Brit went on to say she wants rugrats “ASAP” and feels like Jax is “going to be a great dad”. Some people might scoff at the notion of Jax Taylor becoming a father, but I think he’ll be wonderful at it. Regardless of his rocky friendships or his questionable relationship history, he will probably delight in the antics of a child he created. In a previous interview, Jax admitted, “We’ve been together for four years and my whole life has been a party, so I’ve done everything I wanted to do,” he explained. Jax even said he is ready to “be part of the PTA” and a “soccer dad”. Jax probably thinks he has lived a hardcore life. Wait until he finds out there is no one more hardcore than a PTA mom who expects you to sell, sell, sell for whatever fundraiser is going on. Utterly terrifying.

You know what, I’m going to root for these two. Sure they will have to adjust to formula at 3 am instead of shots. And maybe instead of drinking vodka on the PJ, they’ll be drinking coffee in their pj’s – but they can probably handle it. Jax might even start wearing sweater vests. In any case, good luck to Jax and Brittany. Enjoy those hours of uninterrupted sleep while you can, because soon they might be a distant memory.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]