Can Jax save the day?

If you have been paying attention to Vanderpump Rules over the years, you know who Rachael O’Brien is. She is friends with the girls in the cast and she is one of Jax Taylor’s many ex girlfriends.

Needless to say she has a lot of insider knowledge and good stories- especially when it comes to Jax.

Rachael opened up about her past with Jax and her friendships in the cast during an interview with Heather McDonald on her Juicy Scoop podcast. She revealed that they dated for “less than a year,” so it makes sense that she said, “I was not heartbroken at all when we broke up. I actually didn’t even like him that much.” Ouch. Rachael continued to emphasize, “I never really liked him that much so I wasn’t devastated. I just couldn’t catch him and then I finally caught him.”

By “catch him” she’s referring to cheating, of course. Rachael shared, “I had known that he did a modeling job with this group of people and this girl was on the trip. Me, him, and her weeks later all happen to be at the same callback for a Lexus commercial. All three of us were sitting in the same room and they were very awkward towards each other and I asked him about it later.”

And how’s this for a throwback reference? Rachael said, “Then I looked into his MySpace account and she had sent him a message that was like ‘That was so awkward with your girlfriend there.’ I found a way to get her phone number, texted her, and she admitted it. He denied it and I was like ‘Go away buddy.'” Good for her.

Heather asked Rachael, “Do you think  he was ever a little bit gay?” Rachel answered by saying, “Ummmm. No. I don’t think he’s ever gay. I don’t think he’s ever hooked up with a guy. I really don’t.”

Heather moved away from the Jax questions and asked Rachael about some key plot lines on the show with a major focus on Kristen Doute. Heather wondered, “When the girl from Miami came to confront  [Tom] Sandoval, did you think Kristen was acting overly crazy?” As Kristen’s friend, it must have been kind of awkward to answer this question, but Rachael said, “Well she told Diana to ‘suck a dick.’ She lost her mind. She was acting crazy then. Kristen didn’t like fly her there. The girl wanted to come, but maybe yeah Kristen got too involved.” Maybe?

Heather also inquired about the Paris trip that Kristen took with Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney. The fandom was up in arms when they noticed on social media that Kristen left the trip early. Apparently there wasn’t any actual drama though since Rachael just explained it by saying, “Well, Kristen left halfway through the trip and got really jet lagged.”

Heather asked Rachael if Kristen really went down on Jax’s current girlfriend (oh, the tangled web in this circle of friends), Brittany Cartwright. Rachael said, “No. The first scene he filmed there was nothing going on, so he just decided to make up a story.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]