Jax & Brittany

Well, this comes as a surprise to exactly no one. Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright were wed in holy matrimony this past summer. Lucky for us, we will get the chance to see this blessed event on the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules. Yes guys and gals, Brit finally got her man – and most of her bridesmaids had her man too. It was a wedding party only Jesus could love!

Brittany and Jax have certainly weathered many storms on the road to wedded bliss. There was the time Jax lied about flirting with Lala Kent and threw her under the bus. And we cannot forget the trashtastic liaison Jax had with Faith Stowers, a thirsty SUR waitress. But Jax is a changed man! Gone are the days of his transient indiscretions! His slate has been wiped clean by God and Brittany’s short term memory. If only that were the case. Now we are finding out that there is some wiggle room in Jax and Brittany’s unbreakable bond, and it’s totally fine – as long as Jax approves of the wiggler.

I guess there are some women who would really do anything for her man. Sacrifice dignity, self-esteem, and throw the moral compass completely out the window. Brittany might be that kind of woman! Jax has never been the most faithful dude on the block. But it seemed like his friends and more importantly, fans of Pump Rules, gave Jax a pass because he owned his reckless personality. After losing his father to cancer, Jax was very vocal about being on that long road to redemption. He crowed from the rooftops about his changed ways, and even went so far as to making Brittany an honest woman. There’s just one little thing Jax needs though, and Brittany has no problem giving it to him. Uh-huh…

Brittany and Jax are so woke, you guys! Never have we seen such a diverse, liberal, accepting couple on Bravo. But what one person might label as accepting, another might label as cheating. According to TooFab, ‘ole Jax is having his cake and eating it too. Shocking! Jax recently admitted he has no qualms if his wife steps out of their relationship for a fling. But only with a chick. And only if he approves. CHECK PLEASE!

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Jax shared, “I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me, no. It doesn’t bother me.” Why would it bother a big manly man like Jax? He is so confident in his masculinity, a mere WOMAN could never take his bride away. Stressing that he does not have an open marriage, Jax clarified that he co-signs the extra marital hookups if it involves “certain women” that he knows personally. Do you think Gross, Gross, and Grosser could be the name of a new law firm? Does Rite-Aid sell STD kits over the counter?

Jax then explained how he realizes not all men are as cool as he is… “You see, I have friends that would never allow it. I have friends that would say ‘no’. It depends on the guy,” he explained. I agree, it totally depends on the guy. The guy and his ability to keep his peen in his pants, which Jax has always had a problem with. But hey, did he get permission to out his wife as bisexual? This was a bone of contention between Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix, when she had a drunken encounter with Lala in the back of a car. SO ROMANTIC! Sherri Cartwright, please put on your frosted pink lipstick and come get your child.

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Look, if we thought for one second Brittany was an out, practicing bisexual, this would not be a story. But let’s face it, Jax has a big old issue keeping his dick on lockdown. Is this the only way Brittany can keep her man? And if so, isn’t it a pretty degrading position to be in? But you know, gotta get that Bravo check. Gosh, Brittany’s dad must be so proud! Stay woke, y’all.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]