Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Relation-PITS

Last night’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta featured way, way too much of messy Marlo Hampton. Lady, worry about fixing the fit on your sequined jumpsuit, not about fixing Cynthia Bailey‘s friendship with Nene Leakes! Did I just agree with NeNe on something? Well, Fix it JESUS – save me from myself.

Otherwise, Kenya Moore‘s marriage to Marc Daly is in some major trouble – as if we didn’t know that already. And Porsha Williams decides against rekindling her relationship with Dennis McKinley.

So, NeNe and Cynthia are in NYC for the World Pride parade. About every Housewife from here until eternity are present in Day-Glo colored rainbow aesthetic. In what was probably the most adult moment of her entire life, NeNe passes by Cynthia and Noelle on the float with a cordial, polite, and brief hello. The favor is returned. And all is well. But as Eva Marcille said, when Pride is over that’s where the love ends! Especially because down below, frolicking with the wannabes and common people is Marlo.

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Cynthia Bailey

The next day, Eva and Cynthia go for dinner at Tao. As soon as Eva sits down, she notices that their reserved table is laid for three people. Eva probably only realized this because she wanted more room for the stack of food she was ordering. But, it turns out that is actually Marlo’s place. It was actually Marlo who orchestrated this dinner with Cynthia, but Cynthia neglected to tell Eva until they sat down. Um, didn’t Cynthia ever get the memo about not stressing pregnant women? Rude.

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Eva Marcille

Luckily, food is the way to Eva’s heart (and good-graces), so she was fine with taking her order to go and decamping to the bar once Marlo arrives. In fact, Eva was practically blissful as she slurped duck, sushi, and broccoli – and pretty much everything on the menu – all by her lonesome. I guess when you’re eating for two you’re never truly alone! Although that was incredibly shady of Cynthia. She truly is a shifty friend. That’s pretty much exactly what started her fight with NeNe last year.

Marlo is wearing what can only be described as a football uniform. She immediately starts in on how Eva is fake, and broke. Instead of defending her f-r-i-e-n-d, Cynthia just picks at her food and patiently watches Marlo talk shit. Nice. The purpose of this meeting is, of course, NeNe. Marlo wants Cynthia and NeNe to do a formal sit-down to at least talk, even if they can’t go back to being friends.

Given that days before, NeNe did an interview calling Cynthia “weak and desperate,” Cynthia isn’t feeling too positively about meeting with NeNe. And, furthermore, she’s tired of always being the bigger person. I agree with Cynthia that NeNe shouldn’t get away with her antics with the excuse of “that’s just NeNe!”

Both women have love for each other (just not “like”) so out of respect for an 8-year relationship Marlo believes they owe each other that. Unfortunately, Cynthia and NeNe do not agree. Both are fine with venting to the media, then cordially acknowledging each other in public as if nary a bad word was ever said.

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Marlo Hampton Nene Leakes

The next day, Marlo meets NeNe at The Boathouse for lunch. This restaurant is far too classy for these broads who don’t know how to dress and don’t understand that calamari is just fried octopus. NeNe is also afraid to eat the octopus that she didn’t realize she ordered. However, Marlo has slurped plenty of slimy things in her day and dives right in. Gross.

Marlo proposes her idea that Cynthia and NeNe meet. Marlo attempted to be very calm and adult in listing her reasons why both NeNe and Cynthia are at fault for the demise of their friendship. However, Munty Marlo has a lot to learn about negotiating with children! Clearly. Because Marlo forgot NeNe is a child emotionally. True to form, NeNe flips out at the mere suggestion that she apologize to Cynthia.

Nene Leakes

After yelling at Marlo to stay out of it, NeNe waltzes out of the restaurant and hails a pedicab, which she demands take her to streets. Marlo chases after, trying to untwist her too-small jumpsuit. But, NeNe is long gone. I was seriously wondering if they both stiffed Boathouse with the check.

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Back in Atlanta, Kenya seeks marital advice from Kandi Burruss. The latest drama is that Marc refused to go on an anniversary trip if Kenya brings their nanny. The gist of what is going on here is that Marc does not want to spend time with Kenya, and is using Brooklyn as an excuse to avoid her. Kandi tries to give Kenya tips for how to deal with Marc being the man of the house when his wife earns all the money, without losing her voice in the process. Which is ridiculous. Are people still focusing on “man of the house” nonsense in 2019? Is Kenya really letting Marc tell her when she can change their daughter’s diaper? Apparently, yes.

Kandi Burruss Todd Tucker

Later, Kandi is at an ultrasound with her surrogate when she gets a text from Kenya asking her to come over right away. When Kandi gets to Moore Manor everything appears fine though. Brooklyn is with her nanny in the bedroom while Kenya gets out snacks and jokes about needing a boob reduction.

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Kenya Moore

And then out come the waterworks – well as waterworks as Botox will allow – about how Kenya and Brooklyn ended up going to Turks and Caicos on an anniversary trip without Marc. Their sex life is pretty much invisible. Kenya keeps complaining about Marc choosing “the baby” over her. But the biggest problem is that when they fight it gets really nasty. Marc has a bad temper and does not spare the low blows.

It almost sounds like he’s verbally abusive. Orr as Kandi terms it, “calls Kenya out of her name.” Things are so bad that Kenya is afraid to even get involved in conversations that could potentially escalate into an argument. Kenya refuses to elaborate about how far things have gone for fear of further jeopardizing her marriage. When Kandi tries to comfort her, she runs out of the room sobbing.

Kandi Burruss

Um, so this is why you DO NOT marry someone you’ve known about 15 minutes! Furthermore, I’m confused: Kenya has a nanny with Brooklyn in Atlanta. Marc doesn’t seem to have a problem with the nanny being in their home. Or with him being halfway across the country from the daughter he’s so obsessive about protecting. So why is it a big deal that the nanny travels with them on vacation so they can go out for dinner after their infant is asleep? This just makes ZERO sense. It sounds like Marc is a giant control freak with a hair-trigger temper to match his antiquated belief about women and men’s roles, but then allowing his wife and daughter live hours away from him where there is childcare seems completely contrary to all of that!

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Meanwhile, Porsha is finished with Dennis after he cheated on her while she was pregnant. She goes to her counselor, who it seems like sshe is initially trying to convince Porsha to give Dennis a chance to at least explain what prompted him to cheat. However, Porsha is adamant that she will not be disrespected. Porsha’s primary focus is not fixing her relationship, but getting along with Dennis to raise Pilar. Um, when did Porsha become the responsible one in this group!?

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Porsha Williams

Porsha also realizes it’s time to return to work since she will be providing for her daughter as a single parent. For now, Pilar is living with Porsha and her mom, and visiting Dennis regularly. Porsha brings PJ to work with her for her first day back at DISH Nation and after some confusion with the car, which requires calling an Uber, she gets there all gussied up and everything goes better than fine. Porsha is thrilled to be back and glad to have a renewed purpose.

Afterward, Porsha realizes its time to hire a nanny because she can’t keep bringing PJ to work. The added benefit is that the nanny can be the one who coordinates with Dennis. That way Porsha doesn’t have to do so much face-to-face time with him while she’s still healing and accepting that their romantic relationship is over. OK, seriously, what happened that suddenly Porsha is so mature and responsible? I feel like I’m in the Real Housewives Of Atlanta twilight zone. Gone with the twilight fabulous! Now twirl on back to reality, ladies!

Seriously though I really like this side of Porsha!


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