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Bethenny Frankel Shades Jennifer Aydin On Instagram

The Real Housewives Of New York & The Real Housewives Of New Jersey are both iconic shows. Nobody can argue that. Regardless of which one put Housewives on the map, they’re both incredible. Once in a while, Housewives offer opinions and comments about their franchise counterparts. It may not be a full crossover, but just knowing they watch each other’s shows is GOLD.

Bethenny Frankel is such an opinionated person who’s never afraid to speak her mind. She never passes up an opportunity to throw a jab or give a blunt remark. It’s both endearing and intimidating. Unfortunately for Jennifer Aydin, she’s the latest person on the receiving end. Watch out Jen. Jennifer may consider herself hilarious, but Bethenny isn’t convinced. What Bethenny had to say about her might sting more than her precious tequila! 

On a recent episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer said,  “I’m a funny girl. I’m a comedian. I get off on making people laugh.” Oh sweetie. I don’t know about that.

One person that didn’t vibe with Jennifer’s statement was Bethenny. The Instagram account Comments by Bravo took a screenshot of a comment Bethenny left on the Watch What Happens Live account saying, “Said nobody funny about themselves ever.”

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Bethenny went in for the kill! Jennifer prides herself on being hilarious, but The Queen B herself doesn’t think that’s accurate. Why not let Jennifer live in her own bubble of delusion?

Her comments about being a comedian stem from a video of her mocking costar Jackie GoldschneiderWhile Jennifer found it to be harmless fun, Jackie wasn’t as convinced. She’s certain it’s a form of bullying. She feels Jennifer’s impression of her crossed the line and really hurt her feelings.

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It’s funny Bethenny of all people would comment on the situation. She’s done impressions of her former costars in the past. Bethenny’s given us shady imitations of Ramona Singer, LuAnn de Lesseps, and Dorinda Medley in. previous seasons.

Nobody delivers their lines with the confidence that Bethenny does, but still.  However, maybe she has a point. Would a true comedian go around bragging that they’re so funny. If you actually have the talent, do you have to flaunt it?

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Bethenny wasn’t the only Housewife calling out Jennifer for her words about herself. Margaret Josephs says in the clip, “Note to yourself. You are not a comedian.” The woman with 17 thrones just can’t catch a break! Get some tequila in Jennifer, and she’s pretty funny though.

Despite what Bethenny’s saying, Jennifer DID deliver a hilarious line a few week’s ago. She’s no longer friends with Danielle Staub and fired back at Beverly Danielle who denied “flipping a switch”. Danielle said she never has done that, and Jennifer said, “oh, but you did.”

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SCREAMING. Maybe Jennifer is a comedian after all. Nobody dares to call Danielle her former name to her face. LEGENDARY.

However, we will sadly never see Jennifer and Bethenny go up against one another on camera. Bethenny is no longer a Housewife, plus they’re in two different cities anyway. Unfortunately, we will have to stick to shady Instagram comments. THE HORROR!

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