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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star Jennifer Aydin Is Open To Friendship With Margaret Josephs Despite Their Ongoing Drama

Real Housewives of New Jersey has kicked off it’s new season and we can already tell, it’s Teresa Giudice’s world and we just live in it. Basically, if you don’t agree with everything Teresa says, you are Melissa Gorga the devil. But let’s not forget there are other cast members on the show who are trying to have their own plot lines. Much like Jennifer Aydin, now in her second season with the RHONJ ladies.

Jennifer is fully Team Felon Teresa. She might have disparaging thoughts on adultery, but committing fraud and spending time in jail is totally okay. Speaking of cheating, I wonder if ‘ole Jen has an opinion about Teresa allegedly tiptoeing on the outskirts of her marriage vows. Jennifer’s alliance with Teresa saw her going up against people who have better things to do than play sycophant to a reformed criminal. Enter one Margaret Josephs. Margaret famously compared Jennifer’s lip liner to that of a monkey’s asshole. Jennifer has used Margaret’s previous affair as ammo during an argument. Now, despite the asshole mouth and the personal insult trading, Jennifer claims she is open to a friendship with Margaret. Hope she got permission from Teresa first.

Jennifer is a self-proclaimed trophy wife. The trophy was apparently earned by surgical intervention, but whatever works. In Season 10 of RHONJ, Jen is back to do Teresa’s bidding ruffle some feathers. In her debut season, we watched Margaret and Jennifer have a go at each other several times. On a cast trip to Oklahoma, it seemed Jennifer went out of her way to repeatedly insult the trip’s host, who was also Margaret’s friend. Even though Jen and Marge haven’t had a smooth relationship thus far, Jennifer doesn’t rule out eventually bonding with with the person that once compared her face to a primate’s anus.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Jennifer said there is some major drama on the way. “Oh, honey. You don’t know. You don’t know. Just you wait.” Lucky for viewers, there is absolutely zero chance this cast will sing songs around a campfire and claim “peace on Earth” like their Beverly Hills counterparts. Jen stated, “I was just getting my feet wet last season.” Wet with tequila maybe. That liquid courage gives Jennifer the ability to run her mouth. She has 16 bathrooms, you guys!

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Jennifer wants viewers to know that we will see the “real” side of her personality this time around. Does she mean “sober”? “My feet [are] wet and now everybody gets to see the real me this season,” Jennifer revealed. “I mean, I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but it’s definitely entertaining.” According to Jennifer, part of that entertainment factor has to do with the pig-tailed wonder.

When the new trailer was released, fans heard Margaret referring to someone as a “walking yeast infection”. Lovely! Naturally Jennifer took this moment to once again allude to Margaret’s affair, that happened 6 years ago. Jennifer stated, “Listen, I saw that, too. And what I will say to that, if anyone’s going to be an expert on yeast infections, maybe, it’s her.” Ooooo, good comeback Potsie. Then Jennifer added, “But I don’t even know she — if that was really pertaining to me. I’m going to have to watch it unfold just like the viewers.” That’s the spirit! It’s true, Margaret could have been talking about Beverly Ann Merrill Danielle Staub.

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Then Jen said even if Margaret was referring to her, it’s no skin off her back. “You know what, I think Margaret and I actually have a lot of the same qualities. I think we’re both extremely witty and funny and quick with our comebacks,” she said. Jennifer continued, “So, yeah, I mean I’m always open and hopeful for a friendship with all of my castmates, you know? We’re going to have our ups and downs, but that’s friendships across the board. Not just with these girls.” What a refreshing outlook, I wonder if that includes Jackie Goldschneider?

In closing, Jennifer shared, “At the end of the day, I kill them with kindness.” Are you sure about that, honey? Is making fun of someone and posting it to social media killing them with kindness? Eh, maybe it is in Jersey. Perhaps the rules of kindness were drawn up by her boss Teresa or Don Julio 1942. We’ll find out soon enough.

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