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Below Deck Star Rhylee Gerber Says Tyler Rowland Pretended They Were In A Relationship For Social Media Followers

Who would have thought that Rhylee Gerber would come back to Below Deck on season 7 of the show? On season 6, she made waves with the crew–and usually not in a good way. Rhylee’s headstrong ways and quick temper resulted in conflict with her fellow deck crew, including bosun Chandler Brooks, deckhand/bosun Ross Inia and deckhand Ashton Pienaar.

This season’s crew quickly learned that Rhylee has an opinion and is not afraid to share it. She wasted no time in calling out chef Kevin Dobson–who kind of deserved it. Now, she and bosun Ashton are at odds. One deckhand Rhylee had a good rapport–and a little more–with last season was Tyler Rowland. Rhylee recently gave an update on what happened to the casual for Tyler/not so casual for Rhylee relationship after the charter season ended.

Rhylee told Bravo’s The Daily Dish that she and Tyler kept in contact after the charter season. She shared, “He was very adamant about pretending with his following on social media that we were still together. He used to post a lot of photos and allude to that, which I didn’t say anything here or there to it.”

Why didn’t Rhylee say something at the time? It is not like she is afraid to speak her mind. Maybe it was just easier to let it go–or she might have held out hope that the two would get together. Who knows?


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According to Rhylee, when Tyler started a new relationship which he made Instagram official this fall, he asked for her “blessing.” She stated, “I was like, ‘You have it! Go for it! Good for you!’ And then I saw Tyler a couple days later like a mean comment about me on Twitter.”

“So I sent him a message,” Rhylee went on to say. “I was like, ‘What the f–k is this about?’ Be authentic. If you don’t like me, you don’t like me. If you do, whatever. We can be friends. We can do whatever. And then ever since I sent him that message, he turned into such a prick.”


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For Rhylee, that actually sounds like a pretty fair offer to Tyler. If someone disses you on Twitter, would you want to still be friends with them? Doesn’t Rhylee know that is grounds for a Twitter war? Somebody needs a social media coach!

Are the two still in touch? Rhylee admitted, “Bottom line, Tyler’s an idiot. And no, we don’t keep in contact anymore. He was a good lay, but he’s an idiot.” Apparently, good sex can only sustain you for so long. Especially when it is not happening anymore.


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So, what has been going on in Rhylee’s love life since she and Tyler stopped their “good lays?” Rhylee has been active on the dating front and revealed, “I actually drove south from Alaska, middle of f–king winter because I started dating somebody, and we were actually gonna go into business together.”

Rhylee continued, “And like 2,500 miles into my road trip, I was ghosted. Yeah, I’ve never been ghosted before. It’s not a good feeling.”


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Apparently there were not flights available from Alaska during her romance! Can you imagine being dumped after driving 2,500 miles? Can you imagine sharing this information with anyone? You have to appreciate Rhylee’s willingness to lay it all out there.

Fortunately, Rhylee’s love life has been looking up lately. She shared, “Now I’m newly talking to somebody. He’s very nice. He’s here in New York visiting with me, but we’ll see how it goes.”


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Rhylee did not divulge how she and her new friend met, but he is not a Below Deck fan. “He hasn’t seen the show, so we’ve got to keep it that way,” she joked.

“I just pray that anybody that is interested in me either watches the show with me so I can pause and be like, ‘OK, this is why this is happening,'” Rhylee went on to explain. “Don’t form an opinion based on a reality show!”


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One of the downsides of starring on a reality show would be people judging you without getting to know you. Any potential dates watching Rhylee on Below Deck might be taken aback a bit–or a lot. And may head straight to Ghost City, without even giving her a chance.


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