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Real Housewives Of Dallas Recap: The Last Supper

Last night’s Real Housewives Of Dallas took me on an emotional journey.  I don’t know who’s more manipulative LeeAnne Locken or Kameron Westcott, but at least Kameron has pretty clothes and can talk about something other than a carny childhood.

LeeAnne is certifiably exhausting and I honestly don’t even want to waste breath (words) on more of her broken-down rusty nonsense. My natural hair follicles are tired! My diva cup is tired! And like Brandi Redmond, my patience is more tired than if I had just spent the day babysitting Brooklyn.

Brandi just wants to eat a freaking dinner without having to endure a tirade of fake tears watering down the cocktails. The best thing Brandi did was totally disengaging from that shit-storm of emotional BS that is Life Of Locken. And the best thing D’Andra Simmons did was sit there, stay the course, and remind us of why we initially liked her. This is a new D’Andra. A D’Andra who recognizes herself in Kameron as the friend who was constantly LeeAnne’s emotional stomping ground, her therapy dog, always on the hook for dealing with the drama. Now D’Andra has been released from this silk purse made from a piece of pleather that was masquerading as a relationship.

D’Andra has been freed from LeeAnne! Accusing Rich Emberlin of cheating was the most cathartic thing she ever did. Now D’Andra can tell LeeAnne to shut it with her histrionics the way a mother tells a screaming kid to knock it off or they don’t get dessert. D’Andra – finally – got her just desserts. (Obviously they were donuts.)

Anyway let’s back up. Back from the Red Light District everyone has not only survived but lived to laugh about it, which is about the only reaction you can have after being hit with a vaginal fluid covered ping pong ball! Everyone but LeeAnne, of course. Once Kameron dared to ditch her to use the bathroom, LeeAnne is in a rage.

When Kam returns to their room, LeeAnne immediately starts berating her for ruining her reputation because the “chirpy Mexican” forced her to go to a ping pong show. LeeAnne was just trying to protect Kam from the dangers of what her virginal eyes might see. Kam threw LeeAnne’s goodwill in her face by going along with Kary Brittingham. Yeah, the red light district was dangerous but this hotel room is totally safe…

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Look, I don’t condone Red Light districts and I think it’s gross that these are tourist attractions. I am in total agreement with LeeAnne there. However, all the women were on board with checking it out – even LeeAnne who was begging to go to Lady Boy shows. Now, she’s claiming she felt peer pressured into it because she didn’t want people to say she can’t have fun. It is ridiculous to pin this on Kary. It’s also gross, vile, and disgusting for her to continually mix whatever anger she has at Kary with comments about Kary’s ethnicity.

Kameron Westcott LeeAnne Locken Real Housewives Of Dallas

At first, Kameron stands firm against LeeAnne’s tantrum, but when LeeAnne throws in that everyone in Dallas is gonna find out she went to a ping pong show (duh – cause it’s on national TV!) and Kam’s social standing will take a hit, Kameron falls apart in a fit of despair. LeeAnne even compares Kameron’s faux pas to Laura Bush being spotted leaving a “nudie bar.” UM, the closest LeeAnne has ever come to high society is washing Mama Dee‘s dishes.

This was faaar, faaaar more upsetting to Kameron than hearing LeeAnne drop another ethnically charged insult against Kary for being Mexican. Like Stephanie Hollman, Kameron decided against calling LeeAnne out in the moment because she’s unhinged. Kameron actually compares her to a mean dog that has no bite warning.

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The next morning, we learn that Kam was so upset about being the new D’Andra with a destroyed reputation (K Kup Khronicles Vol 2: The Khronic Koochie Destruction) that she was inconsolable. LeeAnne actually called D’Andra. This was all a ploy to separate D’Andra from Kary and double-down on what a bad influence Kary is. After all, it’s Kary’s fault they went to a ping pong show (no it wasn’t) and it’s Kary’s fault that Kameron lost her “empathy chip” for what LeeAnne has endured in life. It’s also Kary’s fault for triggering LeeAnne that she maybe could’ve potentially perhaps sorta possibly ended up being a stripper after her mom abandoned her at the carnival to be raised by gyrating gorillas and bearded ladies with ping pongs for eyes who were forced to play the organ for the Wing Jammer ride.

So yeah, Jesus saved LeeAnne. But if Jesus already saved leeAnne, why does Kam have to do it too? Oh, cause Kameron has money.

LeeAnne is such an emotional wreck she avoids the other women all day to watch cartoons and get a massage. Kary, D’Andra, and Kameron go shopping to the jewelry district. I’m surprised LeeAnne allowed Kam to go without a chaperone. Something dangerous might happen to Kameron alone out on the streets. A pearl might become lodged in her eye socket! Or Kary and D’Andra might fill her head with dangerous notions about LeeAnne being manipulative.

Talking with the other women, Kameron is well-aware of LeeAnne’s toxic behavior and complains about being yelled at and guilt-tripped. Kameron is in full agreement with D’Andra and Kary that LeeAnne wasn’t trying to be a good friend but was jealous over Kam’s emerging friendship with Kary. Kam even says”LeeAnne never told me before that I can’t be friends with Kary before.” It’s interesting to witness how manipulative Kameron also is: she tells everyone what they want to hear, and is everything to everyone in the moment. This is why Stephanie considers her a surface friend!

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Stephanie Hollman Brandi Redmond Real Housewives Of Dallas

Stephanie’s love only goes into the deep end for Brandi. Travis has returned from trying to track down his dad somewhere else in Thailand while checking on the family holdings there. His dad is actually now in Vietnam. Stephanie and Travis are headed there to get him once the other ladies leave. You’d think Stephanie would be overjoyed to spend some R&R with Travis, but instead she just wants one-on-one time with Brandi.

Stephanie plans a romantic pool date with champagne, chocolate covered strawberries – the works! She blindfolds Brandi, leads her to a chaise, then surprises her! These two are over LeeAnne’s antics and just want to have fun. Brandi has reached the limits of her compassion for LeeAnne’s past. She is tired of everything being dominated by her negativity. LeeAnne bringing up her past at a party is like Travis doing a cannon ball to crash a pool date between friends: unnecessary wetness.

While shopping for pearls, Kam, Kary and D’Andra all bought matching purses. Cute ones. Kameron tucked all her LeeAnne baggage inside and toted it home with her. She’s not going to tell Kary about the Mexican comments until they’re back on domestic soil. Getting arrested in Thailand will definitely ruin her reputation! Plus the prison suits probably aren’t pink!

For their final meal, Stephanie arranged for a fancy dinner, but the entire thing is once again ruined by drama with LeeAnne. LeeAnne keeps making comments that Kameron is mad at her. LeeAnne is obviously trying to provoke Kam into insisting that she’s not angry so LeeAnne can react with a big show to exonerate herself from her behavior the previous night by wailing about how red light districts bring up her past when she was forced to eat whole hoagies sitting in an elephant cage while people threw peanut-flavored ping pongs at her. No one takes the bait – they’ve watched this show a thousand times, and have paddles at the ready.

Kary and D’Andra confront LeeAnne about how she’s emotionally manipulative to Kameron by trying to make her feel bad about being an adult making adult choices in the world. Instead of being mansplained, Kameron gets LeeSplained. Same amount of making no sense!

Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

Unfortunately, instead of being assertive that LeeAnne had no right to chastise her, Kameron doesn’t defend herself at all! Even worse she hangs Kary out to dry by actually DEFENDING LeeAnne’s behavior! Now Kary is trying to save Kameron from LeeAnne. How about let Kameron, a grown-ass woman, speak for herself and fight her own battles? Stephanie knows better than to say anything, but Brandi and D’Andra are seething with frustration.

While LeeAnne is literally snapping her fingers at Kary like she’s a dog and demanding she “answer the question” about whether or not she thinks LeeAnne manipulates Kam, D’Andra interjects. LeeAnne then suggests they go up on the roof and fight it out! D’Andra doesn’t even have the energy to get emotionally invested and tells LeeAnne everyone has had enough of the constant histrionics. Brandi adds that every experience – even elephants – becomes about LeeAnne’s childhood and negativity. And this time Brandi decides to remove herself (and her cocktail) from a place that has become untenable by leaving the table, taking Kary with her. Good for them!

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Brandi tells Kary the ‘reputation card’ is an old trick of LeeAnne’s which she’s used against Stephanie and D’Andra. Shouldn’t LeeAnne worry about her own reputation being in the toilet especially after she scammed a wedding dress and refused to feed people at her wedding!?

D'Andra Simmons LeeAnne Locken Real Housewives Of Dallas

D’Andra refuses to back down as LeeAnne wails about being ganged up, then runs off to her room to wail about how everyone is against her. Instead of being upset, D’Andra tells does a spot-on impersonation of LeeAnne over-reacting and caterwauling like a widow at an Italian funeral. Except LeeAnne is carrying on this way because someone didn’t sit in a cab with her. Constantly.

The best part of the episode was that Kary and Brandi left their dinners, untouched, so Kam winds up sitting by herself, eating them after D’Andra and Stephanie go back to their rooms. “If you’re gonna retreat, I’m gonna eat!” she exclaims.

I just cannot stand LeeAnne. She’s mean. She’s manipulative. She has no desire to grow. She takes no accountability. As I said last season, the season before (and every season) she’s never going to change! She complains that everyone is against her and her friends want to tear her down – well that’s how SHE treats people. She’s 50+ years old – enough with the teenaged tantrums, attention-seeking, and nastiness! She’s the girl who cried carny, and we’re running out of suspended disbelief.

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I adore Kam when she’s being herself, but I cannot stand her relationship with LeeAnne. Why is Kameron so quick to rake everyone else over the coals – as all the women have pointed out – but cowers to LeeAnne’s BS?

In their room, LeeAnne slams the door in Kam’s face, then opens it to collapse onto the floor in a puddle of tears to accuse Kameron of being disloyal. Kameron literally grovels at LeeAnne’s feet; begging her for forgiveness! I hope when Kameron sees this she worries about her reputation as a sane person!

LeeAnne Locken Kameron Westcott Real Housewives Of Dallas

Back in LeeAnne’s control, Kameron blames the other women for getting involved in their friendship and trying to create trouble – as if LeeAnne didn’t provoke it with her behavior towards them or Kameron didn’t complain to the others. Kameron even tells LeeAnne the other women are afraid of LeeAnne because they’re insecure.

Wasn’t Kameron laughing at D’Andra’s impersonation of LeeAnne 20 minutes before, the second after LeeAnne had left the dinner table? Kameron complains that she hates the fake-ness – she’s the fakest of them all!

The next morning everyone is anticipating a dramatic and dreadful flight home, so thank god for Xanax and AirPods.


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