Andy Cohen Explains Why He Almost Fired Porsha Williams From Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Way back in 2012, Real Housewives of Atlanta fans were introduced to one Porsha Williams Stewart. Porsha was a young married girl, filled with hopes and dreams of being the perfect mother and wife. Her now ex-husband, former football star, Kordell Stewart, ran a tight ship and kept a tight leash on his spouse. It was not an easy freshman year for Porsha. She didn’t exactly portray herself as the wisest Housewife ever, after displaying her complete lack of knowledge on historic facts regarding the Underground Railroad or how many days are in a year…

Porsha’s debut wasn’t finding a lot of support amongst the Bravo big guys. Keep in mind, this was before she bought economy-class tickets to THOTlandia and started using “her voice”. Now Andy Cohen is sharing some intel about Porsha’s first season, and believe it or not, her role was on very shaky ground. According to Andy, she was pretty much on the way out, but something happened at her first reunion that wound up changing minds and getting people on board that phantom train she had running beneath the Earth’s surface.

Not all Housewives make it past the first season. Does anyone even know exactly what happened to Shamari DeVoe? I guess that girl was poison after all. YOU’RE WELCOME! Andy recently revealed Porsha almost became part of the “one and done” crew. He said execs were on the fence about handing her another shot, until she pulled a total “moment” at the Season 5 reunion.

HollywoodLife shared an interview Andy did on The Jenny McCarthy Show and gave the scoop. “At the end of Porsha’s first season, she was at the reunion, and it had just been announced like a day before, Kordell was leaving her and there was a fairly healthy dialogue amongst the producers about whether Porsha was going to come back at that time.” Not a huge surprise when Porsha’s most memorable moments included yelling “Bye, Ashy!” at former Miss America USA Kenya Moore, and waxing poetic about how un-Christian it would be to enter the sin-filled halls of a strip club. FIX IT, JESUS!


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Andy went on to say Porsha came through at the reunion with a passionate speech about her life, after finding out her husband unceremoniously dumped their marriage. “She [Porsha] got up there at that reunion and I was watching her and I was like, ‘oh my God’ I left, I was like, ‘I stand for Porsha, that was incredible’ and she cemented her place on the show,” he explained. Good thing for Porsha, because it was in that monologue her “voice” quite literally saved her ass.

Andy shared, “She [Porsha] gave like a two-minute soliloquy about who she was and how she was gonna live her life going forward and this was not gonna define her and she’s stronger than this and I was like, ‘oh my god’. I totally underestimated this woman and look at where she is now on the show.” End. Scene.


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Andy also mentioned that just because we might think someone is completely wrong for the show, they might be able to pull a Hail Mary pass during the reunion and earn another go. This was obviously not the case for Vicki Gunvalson… Ahem. He said, “It’s interesting how things change through the season. Even you could be saying, ‘oh well I don’t think this person’s coming back’ and then something could happen at the reunion where it changes.”

And look where our little Porsha is now! A wonderful mother! Hard worker! Recently single again (?)! Heck, she’s even friends with Kenya! What would we do without Porsha, with her clever reads and expert eye-rolling? Fortunately, the way things are going for her, she’ll be around to provide shade in Atlanta and teach us all what not to do in a relationship for a long time to come.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]